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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

ericadalmaso: Duality

ericadalmaso : Duality

Stunning Self-Portraits by Cristina Otero Cristina Otero is a...

Stunning Self-Portraits by Cristina Otero Cristina Otero  is a young photographer currently living in Madrid, Spain. Self-portraiture teaches you a lot about yourself. You suddenly know all your flaws and ‘’perfections’, physically and emotionally speaking. This can either be good or bad; sometimes this new information may punch you in the face and make you feel miserable. But this isn’t something that happens everyday. It’s all worth it. via Follow her on Facebook , Twitter , and  Instagram . View similar posts  | selected by Margaret

Dora Vincze

Dora Vincze

nonconcept: Inspiration: Summer 2016

nonconcept : Inspiration: Summer 2016

Photomanipulations by Hossein ZareHossein Zare is a self-taught...

Photomanipulations by Hossein Zare Hossein Zare is a self-taught  photographer, born in 1992, Iran. He has won several awards for his inspiring images. His style is simple but effective and his images are often characterized by a well thought out idea. To watch more of his photos, please see his profile: Meet us on Facebook , Twitter , and Instagram posted by tu recepcja    via

Omba Urban Beach Parasol by Tatabi Studio

This Urban Beach Parasol has been designed for Omba, an exclusive Brand of Beach Parasols that feature a lot style. The brief was simple, to créate an urban, inspiring, and elegant parasols. A lot of Omba patterns have been inspired by Mediterranean beaches, TATABI Studio decided to simplify the pattern and transform it into geometric shapes. The result is beautiful parasol with calm colors such as white and mustard to reflect a super relax atmosphere. Designer : Tatabi Studio Tuvie has received “Omba Urban Beach Parasol” project from our ‘ Submit A Design ‘ feature, where we welcome our readers to submit their design/concept for publication. Omba Urban Beach Parasol by Tatabi Studio is originally posted on Tuvie - Modern Industrial Design

23 Reasons to Get Excited About Data (Free eBook)

23 Reasons to Get Excited About Data (Free eBook)

Sensual Paintings by Christine WuChristine Wu is a Los Angeles...

Sensual Paintings by Christine Wu Christine Wu  is a Los Angeles based artist, an illustrator, and designer who received a BFA from ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena. I am open to other people’s interpretations of my work and enjoy hearing what people can perceive in the images. I don’t want to guide a viewer too much with what I intended any given piece to be, the feel of the whole thing is much more intriguing than what someone might “see.” Because art is a reflection of culture and that artist, I am definitely present in my work. The exact themes become a bit muddy, since the pieces are an amalgamation of my experiences and likes. via Her Instagram Art is the only way to run away without leaving home - run with us . posted by Margaret

SKYNFEEL Apparel Made From The Same Material of Skyn Non-Latex Condoms

Skyn has teamed up with Pauline van Dongen to create unique apparel using the same material that Skyn uses to create its revolutionary non-latex condoms. This material feels soft and comfortable, it’s safe and suitable for people with latex allergy. What if the same material is used to create athletic apparel? This experiment results in one-of-a-kind long jump suit for elite athletes, SKYNFEEL Apparel . Inspired by biomimicry, this apparel sets out to reduce body limitation and give extra airtime for long jump athletes. The suit design features dragonfly wing-inspired flaps on the edge of the body, it uses a thin layer of SKYNFEEL infused with geometric laser cut grid. Since the apparel is designed for long jumper, the flaps would stay flat during the run, it only opens up with the jump, just like when athlete twists their arms and straightens their legs. This aerodynamic design adds an upward lift to help a long jump athlete to stay in the air just a bit longer. This ultra-light gar

Camping Kit for B-Segment Vehicles by Eirini Tzavara

Eirini Tzavara has submitted her project as part of her study at the Department of Product and System Design and Engineering. It’s a camping kit that can be easily transported from one place to another in a compact form. You can read her explanations below. In order to complete my studies at the Department of Product and System Design and Engineering (University of the Aegean) I conducted a study for the design of a Product/System that supports the organization and transport of camping equipment in B-Segment or larger vehicles. The final product supports the camping equipment for 2-3 persons and it can be transported and placed easily from the vehicle to the campsite and vice versa. There is no need for additional modifications and adjustment of the product to fit in the different categories of vehicles, while according to the needs of the users and the vehicles’ capacity, more than one camping equipment kit can be placed in the luggage space of the car. Designer : Eirini Tzavara