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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Visual organic abstractions from ProtobacillusProtobacillus is...

Visual organic abstractions from Protobacillus Protobacillus is an art project by Gustavo Spredemann and Leone Simonetti , two Brazilian graphic designers/artists. We create abstract animations that take inspiration from nature and digital media. The unique result of this collaboration ranges from organic to psychedelic, or a combination of both. More unique art: Instagram || Twitter || Facebook Posted by Andrew

littlelimpstiff14u2: Mixing the urban and the utopian: The...

littlelimpstiff14u2 : Mixing the urban and the utopian: The otherworldly art of Tristram Lansdowne If his work looks like your dusty Yes album jackets or the cover art of those Arthur C. Clarkes you toss aside in the used-book bin, it’s for good reason; like them, artist Tristram Lansdowne is deeply concerned about the future. In his paintings, citrine glass biodomes are nestled among mountain peaks, volcanoes belch lavender plumes, and tidy concrete platforms negotiate cliff faces in as surefooted a way as Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater. His island landscapes are sanctuary to whole phyla of the plant kingdom – ferns, palms and mosses of every description. But there isn’t a person in sight. Txt Via

crossconnectmag: Jonathen Bartlett’s award winning project for...

crossconnectmag : Jonathen Bartlett’s award winning project for Ralph Lauren “A Cognitive Representation of Time and Place” Denim & Supply, Ralph Lauren Working with Ralph Lauren to transform their Denim and Supply flagship store with a unique vision that walks the line between fantasy and reality.  Jonathen’s tumblr Don’t forget our Facebook      Posted by Andrew