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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Street artist: Guido Van HeltenGuido creates an emotional and...

Street artist: Guido Van Helten Street artist: Guido Van Helten Street artist: Guido Van Helten Street artist: Guido Van Helten Street artist: Guido Van Helten Street artist: Guido Van Helten Street artist: Guido Van Helten Street artist: Guido Van Helten Street artist: Guido Van Helten Street artist:  Guido Van Helten Guido creates an emotional and touching art by using photographic references, which are traditional to the place  and add a vibe of nostalgia. The portraits just born are remanence of a vintage fragility and sensitivity. When talking about graffiti he denoted:  “There’s a drive with graffiti that’s hard to replicate anywhere else.”   “What inspired me was that people were going to see it. It’s out on the street, you see it immediately; it’s going to be judged immediately.” (interview on  @widewalls-artmagazine ) Another post from 2015 Check our Twitter and Facebook for more original Art Selected by Very Private Art

Surreal Paintings by Paco Pomet Paco Pomet (born 1970) is a...

Surreal Paintings by Paco Pomet Paco Pomet  (born 1970) is a contemporary Spanish artist. His paintings, (my personal favorite) inspired by archival photographs are full of humor, grotesque and strange at the same time. Follow him on Facebook .  Our blog is on many platforms - keep up with us on FB , Twitter , and Instagram .  posted by Margaret

Waterlovt Houseboat: Modern and Luxury Houseboat Built By a World Class Boat Builder

Adding some adventure in your life by waking up each morning to an extraordinary view with Waterlovt houseboat . You can expect the sense of freedom with luxurious surroundings, just relax and enjoy the moment. Living inside this houseboat would be a pleasure where you can enjoy life less ordinary, no other type of accommodation can offer the same level of beauty, freedom, independence, and comfort. Waterlovt houseboat is designed and engineered in Holland where living in a houseboat is not something unusual, it’s a part of Dutch heritage. Each unit is built by a renowned world class boat builder, each design meets the very highest standards that you can be sure that each house will be solid, safe, and comfortable. Designer : Waterlovt For added safety, each houseboat is equipped with automatic leak detection that is linked to the pumps, as well as smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. All ultra-advanced installations are designed to make your life on board as comfortable as on land.

The Creative Force of Hebru BrantleyAlthough American artist...

The Creative Force of Hebru Brantley Although American artist Hebru Brantley paints mainly children, his art has the weight of what is happening in culture and society behind it.  He creates streetart, paintings, and sculptures and imbues all of them with the swirling sense of urgency that things are happening - and indeed his art is happening. See more of his work on Instagram and Facebook and follow him on Tumblr . Art has important things to say - listen in on our Facebook , Twitter and Instagram . Posted by Lisa .

Trash Interceptor Prevents Sewer System Clog

Garbage can accumulate in urban sewer systems, it takes a lot of efforts to clean it, a special cleaning crew is required to open the fences and manually clear solid waste. Trash Interceptor has been designed to make the task easier and less time-consuming work. It’s a special designed basket that can be mounted in the sewer, it has outside support structure and with a single step, a cleaning worker can collect the garbage out of sewer simply by lifting the basket. The inner collection basket is suspended in the water, it’ll automatically collect solid garbage and sediment. When the basket is full, a cleaning worker can pull the handle with one hand, spin the reels to close the basket and dispose the garbage. With regular maintenance, like twice a day, this concept project can prevent sewer system clog. Designer : Yi-Chang Huang Trash Interceptor Prevents Sewer System Clog is originally posted on Tuvie - Modern Industrial Design