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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Street Artist: KatreKatre is a French contemporary street artist...

Street Artist: Katre Katre  is a French contemporary street artist whose inspiration thrives in abandoned buildings. He started writing graffiti in early 90’s, first writing his name, which means four in French, on all the surfaces, along with his crew STS.  After some time, his lettering style evolved, and the graffiti gradually became more and more difficult to read as the letters slowly disappeared to leave behind only the essentials – the movement, the energy, and the force the artist creates with. He is represented by GCA Gallery in Nice and, an online gallery. His Instagram . Enjoy past street art features . Posted by turecepcja   via

TeamLab: DMM Planets Exhibition DMM.PLANETS ~A World of...

TeamLab: DMM Planets Exhibition DMM.PLANETS ~A World of Wonders~ at Odaiba, Tokyo until August 31, 2016. The huge installation invites participants to immerse themselves in multi-room interactive digital environments. TeamLab is an art collective formed in 2001, that brings together professionals from various fields of practice in the digital society: artists, programmers, engineers, CG animators, mathematicians, architects, web & print graphic designers & editors. Referring to themselves as “Ultra-technologists”, their aim is to achieve a balance between art, science, technology & creativity. ● Facebook | Twitter | YouTube Follow Cross Connect on social media Facebook || Twitter || Instagram Posted by Yellowmenace

nonconcept: “Supermoon 2012 San Francisco” by Toby Harriman.

nonconcept : “Supermoon 2012 San Francisco” by Toby Harriman .

Connect Life Jacket Designed Specially for A Parent and A Baby

Connect Life Jacket has been designed to protect both a mother and her baby. It’s mothers’ instinct to always want to protect their baby in a disaster. During boat accidents, everyone usually get their own life jacket, this can be difficult for a mother to be separated from her baby. This concept life jacket aims to keep a mother and her baby staying together, designed specifically with connected structure. This life jacket would prevent a parent and a baby separating or getting lost in chaotic environment. It is safe and convenient to protect both parent and the baby. Designers : Jialin Song, Kun Xu, Yumo Jiang, and Chaojun Zhang Connect Life Jacket Designed Specially for A Parent and A Baby is originally posted on Tuvie - Modern Industrial Design

Glass Art by Ben Young Ben Young is a New Zealand based,...

Glass Art by Ben Young Ben Young  is a New Zealand based, self-taught artist who has been making glass sculpture for over 15 years and has exhibited alongside well-known glass artists both internationally and in Australia. Follow him on Facebook . Meet us on Facebook , Twitter , and Instagram posted by Margaret

Armano Concept Supercar by Lee Rosario

The Armanno is a future design concept low profile supercar boasting hybrid engine technologies and ultra lightweight carbon fiber design. It’s a design proposal for the one and only, Ferrari. High aerodynamic and low center of gravity allows for extreme agility at high performance conditions. It also features a standard titanium alloy based wheel rim for durability and performance. Designer : Lee Rosario More images of Armano Concept Supercar: Tuvie has received “Armano Concept Supercar” project from our ‘ Submit A Design ‘ feature, where we welcome our readers to submit their design/concept for publication. Armano Concept Supercar by Lee Rosario is originally posted on Tuvie - Modern Industrial Design