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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Street Art by BelinBorn in Linares, SpainMiguel Ángel Belinchón...

Street Art by Belin Street Art by Belin Street Art by Belin Street Art by Belin Street Art by Belin Street Art by Belin Street Art by Belin Street Art by Belin Born in Linares, Spain Miguel Ángel Belin chón is a major urban artist from the hyper-realistic street art tendency in Europe. He is best known for his characters caricatured and his very expressive portraits. He is a ‘natural artist’: he creates like he lives, his inspiration comes from his surrounding and he paints on the moment without thinking too much about it. The result is wonderfully alive, positive and maybe innocent and could be a reflection of the way of thinking in Spain. Check our Twitter and Facebook for more original Art Selected by Very Private Art

Recent works from collage extraordinaire Lola Dupre.Stay up to...

Recent works from collage extraordinaire  Lola Dupre . Stay up to date. Follow Cross Connect Magazine: Tumblr | Instagram | Facebook | Posted by Chaz

nonconcept: Inspiration: Summer 2016

nonconcept : Inspiration: Summer 2016

archann: Osno // Day 180 of #365daysofart  by Archan Nair...

archann : Osno // Day 180 of #365daysofart  by Archan Nair Website // Facebook // Instagram // Shop

XOXX Composer: Digital Music Box Creates Music Visually and Playfully

XOXX Composer wants to revolutionize the way we create music. It’s a music box for digital era where musicians can create digital music in visual and playful way. Over the years, music software and hardware are powerful but can be complex products to use, most of the time, they can result in confusing mental models and skewed cognitive foundations. This project aims to simply the language of rhythm, by giving you a sneak peek on how hidden digital works such as looping, sampling, or sequencing, relating to mechanical functions and physical interaction. This digital music instrument offers a plug and play hardware and desktop app, which have been designed to allow anyone to create music from wide variety of genres. User can create disco music of the 80’s, groove, hip hop, techno, and many others simply by snapping magnets in place. This music device features 8 rotating discs sound samples that can be played dynamically together at the same time. From : Axel Bluhme Each rotating d

Illustrations by Lourdes Saraiva

Illustrations by Lourdes Saraiva

Awe Inspiring Urban Art by Li-HillLi-Hill is a Canadian artist...

Awe Inspiring Urban Art by Li-Hill Li-Hill is a Canadian artist who also works from New York, NY. He has a degree in fine art. His works are delicate and yet raw and visceral. Li-Hill’s works have a great sense of movement.  They can be seen around the world. In addition to murals and street art he also produces installations and works on paper. Check out Li-Hill’s Instagram to see more of his work. See more art that moves on our Instagram , Twitter , and Facebook  Page . Posted by Lisa .

BMW Titan Concept Motorcycle Aims to Break Land Speed Records at Bonneville Salt Flats

The design of the BMW Titan Concept Motorcycle was derived from the great white shark and the creation purpose of Titan is to break land speed records at Bonneville Salt Flats. Titan is not recommended for daily rides as it was built on a dream that consists of nothing but one feature: speed. This personal project features three main elements in the design: Front side that includes the nose and air intake points. The nose of the Titan has been designed to reduce air resistance and leads the air into the air intake points for more efficient ventilation. Middle part of the motorcycle includes the engine and instrument cluster. The engine is fully covered by the body to get an ergonomic seating and instrument cluster, it also increases the aerodynamic effect of the design for the purpose of maximum acceleration. User can check all systems from the automatic control panel such as suspensions, cooling systems, temperatures, and all other parameters for the Titan as well as adjusting th

Productive Cooperative Union Building by Sameh Farid

Productive Cooperative Union is a mixed-use development located close to one of world wonders, the Great Pyramids. This building has been designed for dismantling, which means it can be dissembled/rearranged according to the occupant’s needs. this project won A’ Design Award & Competition in Italy in Architecture, Building and Structure Design category. This building features 5 levels: ground and first floor plan is designed as the main entrance of the building, commercial unit, seminar hall, and maybe training classes. The 2nd to 4th floor is designed to be exhibition hall, offices, and administrative spaces for rent. The top level a.k.a roof floor is designed to be cafés and restaurants to serve building’s users. Designer : Sameh Farid Productive Cooperative Union has been designed as a green building, all spaces can be reached by natural lighting, including ventilation by adding a courtyard in the middle of it. It features glass curtain walls in facades to led the refrac