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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Octavio Aburto Using Science to Influence ConservationOctavio is...

Octavio Aburto Using Science to Influence Conservation Octavio is the Director of the Gulf of California Marine Program. He is an Assistant Professor at Scripps Institution of Oceanography (SIO) and a professional photographer associate with the International League of Conservation Photographers. Dr. Aburto obtained his PhD at the Center of Marine Biodiversity and Conservation at SIO and was honored with the Jean Fort Award by the University of California, San Diego for his significant contribution to an issue of public concern through his doctoral research. As a Kathryn Fuller and Hellman Fellow, his research and photographs have focused on marine protected areas and commercially exploited marine species in Mexico, Belize, Costa Rica, Ecuador and the U.S. His photographs have been part of several conservation projects worldwide and have won international photography contests including a gold place in the Our World Underwater 2016. Thanks Nubbsgalore More unique

nonconcept: The Universe House, Mexico by Tatiana Bilbao and...

The Universe House by Tatiana Bilbao and Gabriel Orozco nonconcept : The Universe House, Mexico by Tatiana Bilbao and Gabriel Orozco. (Photography: Iwan Baan )

Urban Art by Maad FXThe artist known as Maad FX creates a...

Urban Art by Maad FX The artist known as Maad FX creates a variety of different kinds of art in East London UK.  He uses spray paint, acrylics and stencils to create paintings, streetart and live performance art. Dip into Instagram to see more of Maad Fx’s exciting works.  Looking for more excitement from your art?  Check out our Instagram , Twitter and Facebook . Posted by Lisa .

Why DFW? 2015

Why DFW? 2015

Puma X-Cat DISC Concept Shoes Are Based on BMW Gina’s Fabric Material

Remember the famous BMW Gina Light concept car ? It was introduced in 2008, this iconic concept features a seamless fabric outer shell, a flexible material stretched over a movable superstructure. Puma X-Cat DISC Concept Shoes are based on legendary BMW Gina Light. This creative collaboration between Puma and BMW Designworks has resulted in revolutionary concept shoes. When BMW Designworks was tasked to collaborate with BMW’s partners, it has led to the design process of the development for this visionary shoes. The first approach was to take a look at every aspect of shoe making, to create a new and futuristic design. Designer : PUMA and BMW Designworks BMW GINA’s material is lightweight, flexible, and ergonomic. Combined with PUMA’s operable DISC technology, it creates X-Cat DISC shoes with a system where the disc pulls internal wires to close and open the shoe, no more shoe laces. The stretchable GINA material would wrap around your foot like a second skin. X-Cat DISC shoes a

Surreal Paintings by Roland Mikhail Roland Mikhail is an...

Surreal Paintings by Roland Mikhail Roland Mikhail  is an NYC-based artist, who uses an airbrush to create his magnificent paintings. Art is a way to imagine and reimagine being human; a way to keep dreaming once we’ve woken. I think that’s what all the great art of the world has done …to open the possibilities of our lives and the way we see the world…. I’d like to inspire the feeling of beauty, but more than that I’d like to make things that speak to the part of us we don’t know is looking; images that deepen overtime as you discover things that weren’t obvious at first. For more follow him on Instagram . To read the full interview by  Casey Webb , with the artist click here . View similar posts  | selected by Margaret   via

Futuristic Centurion Desert Transporter by Navneeth Kannan

Centurion Desert Transporter is a futuristic, sci-fi vehicle dedicated to explore desert area in a planet called Gemelli. Read the background story from the designer below. On the planet of Gemelli, a massive spaceship is broken up into three pieces, one lands in a deserted region and the pieces from the desert need to be taken to the central habitable belt of Gemelli. A range of constructors are called upon to make this logistically possible, among them are Centurion. Centurion is a proposed 175m long heavy lift high-speed crane designed to carry high value cargo through dusty hot conditions, with space for a reasonably sized crew. Centurion loads its cargo from the underside with sliding doors that also act as the carrying base for the cargo. Designer : Navneeth Kannan Futuristic Centurion Desert Transporter by Navneeth Kannan is originally posted on Tuvie - Modern Industrial Design