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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

really-shit: Transient Lighting, Jeffrey Moustache

really-shit : Transient Lighting, Jeffrey Moustache

New Swirling Psychedelic Illustrations by James R. EadsExploring...

New Swirling Psychedelic Illustrations by James R. Eads Exploring ideas of human connection and our relationships to nature, illustrator James R. Eads ( previously ) paints multicolored, psychadelic scenes that seem to pulsate with swirling patterns. Eads says his work is heavily inspired by music, and indeed the LA-based illustrator is constantly cranking out gig posters for the likes of the Foo Fighters, Dave Matthews Band, and Iggy Pop. Seen here is mostly a collection of person work from the last year, some of which are available as art prints . You can also follow him on Instagram Thanks Colossal For more unique art: Instagram || Twitter || Facebook Posted by Andrew

nonconcept: Inspiration: Summer 2016

nonconcept : Inspiration: Summer 2016

Faig Ahmed Weaves Modern Influences into Traditional CarpetsFaig...

Faig Ahmed Weaves Modern Influences into Traditional Carpets Faig Ahmed is a fiber artist and sculptor from Azerbaijan.  He has written about his work:  The carpet is a symbol of invincible tradition of the East, it’s a visualization of an undestroyable icon…In my art I see the culture differently. This is more of expectation of a reaction because it’s exactly the change of the points of view that changes the world.   A man can widen the borders and change them but no one has ever dare to break our spirit.   Middle East Revised His amazing hand woven works and sculptures have been shown around the world.   There is more to art than painting.  See it all on our Instagram and Facebook . Posted by Lisa.

Which Foods Are Really Healthy?

Which Foods Are Really Healthy?

Wrist Watch Concept by Gregor Andoni

This wrist watch is a project by Gregor Andoni, it features polished stainless steel case with brown leather strap. This concept project aims to combine form with function to provide you with a stylish, modern time piece. This concept watch was inspired by technology and accessibility that focuses on designing a wristwatch that offers entertainment and more functionality. This watch uses LED display with 6GB storage capacity, Bluetooth connection, and a small jack where you can insert your headphones plug. The display can be removed from the case and you can use it simply as an MP3 player or a small device where you can transfer your photos or music via Bluetooth connection. Designer : Gregor Andoni The removable part consists of 2 rails, each one on each side that helps the display sliding in and out from the case easily. The case is also designed with sliding track that releases the watch with a touch of a button located at the back of the case. At the bottom of the display, y

Jeajung Beck’s Whimsical Robot Monsters Korean artist,...

Jeajung Beck’s Whimsical Robot Monsters Korean artist, Jaejung Beck (백재중) is one third of the Goo For Brothers, a group of friends & artists who travel & present shows together. The other 2 members are Hongmin Lee ( previous post ) & Seungchul Oh. Although he is now focused on painting his signature colorful robots, Jaejung actually has an MFA in animation from Korea National University of Arts. You can find Jaejung on Instagram , Facebook & Twitter . Follow Cross Connect on Facebook || Twitter || Instagram Posted by Yellowmenace

Autonomous Passenger Drone Features Modular Design for Different Situations

This Autonomous Passenger Drone has been designed for the future where people can use personal aerial vehicles just like they use their cars today. The idea here is to combine the popular video drones with driverless solutions to create a new type of vehicle. The main field of use is transport inside highly populated cities. Besides that the autonomous system makes it possible to use it in situations where pilots couldn’t work. Like rescuing after a huge disaster, transport goods to dangerous places, research in unknown fields. This futuristic concept drone features modular structure, the main part is the flying module, it can fly alone automatically, depending on the situations, it can also carry different kind of modules. The cabin can carry two passengers and a small luggage, it is practical for short distances as city transportation. It doesn’t need a pilot, the passenger can choose the destination in advance. The container is similar size as the cabin and useful in special situa