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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Illustrations by Magdalena PagowskadA l tumblr l behance l FB

Illustrations by Magdalena Pagowska dA l tumblr l behance l FB

The Film Photography of Louis DazyLouis Dazy is a self-taught...

The Film Photography of Louis Dazy Louis Dazy is a self-taught photographer who began dabbling in photography in 2014. Before trying his hand at photography, Dazy was a graphic designer. Initially working with digital photography, Dazy eventually made the switch to shooting primarily with film, as digital photography did not allow him to achieve what he wanted with his photos. Dazy frequently utilizes double-exposures, which allow him to tell multiple stories at once.  His photography instills a rawness into everyday life, will still invoking a sense of exploration. Dazy currently resides in Melbourne, Australia, although he is originally from Paris, France. For more of his work, also follow Louis Dazy on Instagram . Follow Cross Connect Magazine: Tumblr  | Instagram | Facebook

nonconcept: Inspiration: Summer 2016

nonconcept : Inspiration: Summer 2016

Digital Paintings by Mateja PetkovicMateja Petkovic is a matte...

Digital Paintings by Mateja Petkovic Mateja Petkovic is a matte painter, concept artist, and illustrator born in Belgrade, Serbia, currently living and working in Munich, Germany. Follow him on Instagram .  Don’t forget to tag #crossconnect in your tweets ! posted by turecepcja

Illustrations by Gabriel Iumazark

Illustrations by Gabriel Iumazark

Illustrations by Gavin ReeceGavin studied fine art at Edinburgh...

Illustrations by Gavin Reece Gavin studied fine art at Edinburgh and Central St Martins before becoming one of the UK’s most respected illustrators. Gavin has been one of the leaders of the London illustration scene for the past three decades. From the highly polished glamour of the early noughties to the more handcrafted feel of today, Gavin’s style has continually evolved, keeping him at the forefront of the illustration world. Gavin is represented by New Division . Art not only for connoisseurs. Posted by Margaret