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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Harumi Hironaka São Paulo-based Peruvian/Japanese painter and...

Harumi Hironaka São Paulo-based Peruvian/Japanese painter and illustrator website For more unique art: Instagram || Twitter || Facebook Posted by Andrew

Paintings by Hanna Jaeun Hanna Jaeun is a painter living...

Paintings by Hanna Jaeun Hanna Jaeun is a painter living and working in Brooklyn, NYC. Her work focuses on layering and blending acrylics on wood panel. If you would like to view more of Hanna’s work, visit her website . Want to keep up with art?  Check out our Twitter feed. posted by Margaret

Artist: Jeff Dekal Born and raised in South Florida, Jeff spends...

Artist: Jeff Dekal Artist: Jeff Dekal Artist: Jeff Dekal Artist: Jeff Dekal Artist: Jeff Dekal Artist: Jeff Dekal Artist: Jeff Dekal Artist: Jeff Dekal  Born and raised in South Florida, Jeff spends much of his life producing illustrations. He adopted his alias “Dekal” from his street art background (As you can see with the last photo from Miami Art Basel  (2011). He is now cover illustrator for Marvel but his art is continuously exploring new subjects and technics. There are so many artists from contemporary art who are more prisoner to their style in order to be recognized and sold in galleries than this free emerging artist. Interesting! Here a submission from Jeff 3 years ago on CCM. We are honored :-) Check our Twitter and Facebook for more original Art Selected by Very Private Art

nonconcept: Algarrobos House ~ bedroom by Jose Maria Saez &...

nonconcept : Algarrobos House ~ bedroom by Jose Maria Saez & Daniel Moreno Flores . (Photography: Sebastian Crespo )

iPhone7 Concept Design Proposal by Giorgi Tedoradze

One of the most distinctive products really is the iPhone over the last ten years. The minimalist design of this smartphone has been copied by other phone manufacturers, we also believe this smartphone has changed the way we connect with others. Don’t you agree? iPhone has become an extension of our personality, every year, everyone is waiting for new iPhone. This project is a proposal for the new iPhone7 with new buttons, new earpods, new 12-megapixel iSight camera, and 8-megapixel Facetime camera. Designer : Giorgi Tedoradze Tuvie has received “iPhone7 Proposal” project from our ‘ Submit A Design ‘ feature, where we welcome our readers to submit their design/concept for publication. iPhone7 Concept Design Proposal by Giorgi Tedoradze is originally posted on Tuvie - Modern Industrial Design

Monochromatic Portraits by Dylan Andrews  Cross Connect Mag is...

Monochromatic Portraits by  Dylan Andrews   Cross Connect Mag is on Facebook . Posted by Skumar’s  

Vector Automobile : Single Person Vehicle with Half The Width of a Conventional Car

Vector Automobile has been designed to provide solution to our traffic problems. With more vehicles, building more roads might not always be possible, so there’s got to be something smarter that we can do to solve those issues. This concept project offers an alternative vehicle to the high volume of automobiles hitting the roads. With economic activity increases in Pakistan, it means that better economy, and it leads to more people can afford cars. A popular solution to the increased population usually lies in public transportation, it can be to the point where personal vehicles are only allowed on the outer edge of the city. With Vector, passengers don’t need to be bound to the public transportation, this single person vehicle can hit the road and reduce traffic chaos especially in major cities of the country. The size is just half of a standard car, but it offers the same comfort level as car. Designer : Bilal Majeed Tuvie has received “Vektor Automobile” project from our

Adam Voorhees Designed 70m Sailing Superyacht In Collaboration with Dykstra Naval Architects

Teamed up with Dykstra Naval Architects, Adam Voorhees has introduced a new concept of 70-meter sailing superyacht. Dykstra Naval Architects supported Adam Voorhees with Naval Architecture, creating an elegant ketch design as response to a specific client request. This project’s brief was to design a sailing yacht that provides great balance between speed and comfort, tradition and innovation. Voorhees says that this 70-meter sailing ketch has been developed based on client’s request for extremely comfortable yet extraordinary fast yacht that still respects the heritage and timeless of the gilded age without being tied to the tradition. Adam Voorhees himself was the winner of the “Young Designer of the Year Award 2010″. Designers : Adam Voorhees and Dykstra Naval Architects The most striking features of this yacht lies in those pair of sleek glass deckhouses, they have curved teak that surround them, giving you impression that they’ve pushed up through the deck. The owner’s cabin