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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Yoshitaka Amano: Elevating Anime Yoshitaka Amano (天野 喜孝) is a...

Yoshitaka Amano: Elevating Anime Yoshitaka Amano (天野 喜孝) is a Japanese painter, character designer, illustrator, set & costume designer for theatre & film. He first came into prominence in the late 1960s working on the anime adaptation of Speed Racer. Amano later became the creator of iconic & influential characters, such as Gatchaman, Tekkaman, Hutch the Honeybee & Casshan. In 1982, he became a freelance artist illustrating for numerous best-selling novel series, such as The Guin Saga & Vampire Hunter D. He is probably most famous for his concept art for the video-game franchise, Final Fantasy. Since the 1990s, Amano has been exhibiting his iconic retro pop icons in galleries around the world, painting on massive aluminium panels with acrylic & automotive paint. | Previous Post Follow Cross Connect on social media Facebook || Twitter || Instagram Posted by Yellowmenace

Jorge Hernández’s Disconcernting PaintingJorge Hernández’s...

Jorge Hernández’s Disconcernting Painting Jorge Hernández’s disconcerting works seek to destabilize our ideas about familiar images. We often see pop art suffused with images from the 1950′s to the 1970′s that are tied to advertising or movies and co-opted for art. Jorge Hernández’s art works against this imagery.  Thanks to Architect’s Gallery   See more art on our Facebook Page . Posted by Lisa .

How Britain Voted in the E.U. Referendum

How Britain Voted in the E.U. Referendum

Volkswagen LUNA : An Autonomous Concept Car with Integrated Drone

Volkswagen LUNA was born during Danilo Makio Saito’s internship at Volkswagen, Brazil. It’s a new concept transportation with integrated drone that can be used for a wide variety of tasks, especially data collecting in hard-to-reach areas. You can read Danilo’s explanation below. The project was developed during an internship at Volkswagen in Brazil. We had 8 months to develop this project with the assistance of the whole design team, including designers, clay modelers, 3D modelers and so on. The goal of Volkswagen was to provide the opportunity to interns to experiment the whole process of developing a car by developing a new concept car with ideas and shapes that people had never seen before. The inspiration came when I started to research about drones and the many applications in which they can be applied in the future. There are many opportunities in this market, that’s why companies like Amazon, Facebook and Google are investing a lot in this technology. So my idea was to propo

Daniel Serva - Emotive Self-PortraitsBorn in Venezuela, but...

Daniel Serva - Emotive Self-Portraits Born in Venezuela, but creating from Paraguay, Daniel Serva has found an outlet within his photographic endeavors. “I don’t usually talk about my feelings,” Serva told Instagram Blog , “but with the help of photography, I can have a catharsis.” This emotional release is clear to read in Serva’s images which seem to capture a sense of wonder and surrealism, as though sharing glimpses into his own personal dream world. To see more of Daniel’s striking surrealism, follow @ daniel_serva on Instagram. Enjoy past photography features and follow us on Twitter . posted by Margaret   via

Intricately Carved Wooden Animal Sculptures by  Guiseppe Rumerio...

Intricately Carved Wooden Animal Sculptures by   Guiseppe Rumerio Leap to Life Rippling muscles, thick horns, and fur so realistic that you can almost feel the wind blowing through it— Guiseppe Rumerio sculpts lifelike animals with the most intrinsic anatomical details to bring his wooden creatures to life. Tucked away in Ortisei, a small town in Northern Italy, this gifted sculptor has made a name for himself in the woodworking community with his breathtaking carvings, clearly expressing his fascination with nature. All of his wood sculptures are painstakingly hand-carved, exhibiting intricate details that reveal an authentic sense of life flowing from artist to creation. For more unique art follow:  Insta  || Twitter || Facebook Posted by Andrew Each of his pieces begin life uniquely, as Rumerio draws upon a variety of elements including books and pictures in order to create his dynamic and animated menagerie. “My great passion is observing animals,” Rumeri