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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Krab Jab Studio Presents: The Art of Tenaya Sims Seattle based...

Krab Jab Studio Presents: The Art of Tenaya Sims Seattle based painter Tenaya Sims reveals his monumental new paintings that focus on the myth of the female figure in art. Tenaya Sims received a BFA in painting and drawing at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. After working several years as a graphic artist in the video games industry for Activision, he began his classical studies at the Jeff Watts Atelier in Encinitas, CA. He then moved to Seattle where he has completed four years of full-time study in the Gage Classical Atelier.  Follow us on Facebook ! WARNING - awesomeness inside. posted by Margaret   via



darksilenceinsuburbia: Édouard Levé: Pornographie

darksilenceinsuburbia : Édouard Levé : Pornographie

Paintings by Dan McCarthyDan McCarthy (born 1962, Honolulu,...

Paintings by Dan McCarthy Dan McCarthy  (born 1962, Honolulu, Hawaii) is an illustrator, currently based in Brooklyn, New York. My posters and prints are screen printed. I start with a pen and ink drawing, and then I scan the drawing into Photoshop and add the color on different layers. From Photoshop, I print out films of each color layer and expose each layer onto a screen. After that, I begin the printing process. All of my paintings share a similar, dominant style. This comes from the careful layering of each color and not using use more than 4 or 5 colors. You could say my painting style is more graphic than painterly. Visit Dan McCarthy’s website and Buy his Art Prints . Want to keep up with art?  Check out our Twitter feed. posted by Margaret   via

crossconnectmag: We can’t get enough outside installation art...

crossconnectmag : We can’t get enough outside installation art from Michael Pederson . Follow his Tumblr  | Follow us on on Instagram

nonconcept: Floating Farmhouse, Eldret, New York by Studio...

nonconcept : Floating Farmhouse, Eldret, New York by Studio Giveonehome . (Photography: Mark Mahaney )

mayahan: Hyperrealistic Pet Portraits Embroidered by Emillie...

mayahan : Hyperrealistic Pet Portraits Embroidered by Emillie Ferris