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theonlymagicleftisart:Photography by John Baloyi, a freelance...

Futuristic Art by Simon StålenhagThe acclaimed artist and...

Futuristic Art by Simon Stålenhag The acclaimed artist and concept designer Simon Stålenhag (b. 1984 in Sweden) is best known for his highly imaginative images and stories portraying illusive sci-fi phenomena in a mundane, hyper-realistic Scandinavian landscapes. Follow him on Twitter . You can buy prints of his art on RedBubble . Art is the only way to run away without leaving home - run with us . posted by Margaret   via

Vhils: Relief Graffiti in Hong Kong Portuguese artist, Vhils...

Vhils: Relief Graffiti in Hong Kong Portuguese artist, Vhils aka Alexandre Farto had his first solo show, “Debris” in Hong Kong, spring 2016. While there, he created several of his signature bas-relief sculptures around the city, along with an installation & video w/ Nowness . He gained prominence in 2008, when his work of a face carved into a wall appeared alongside a stencil by Banksy. An avid experimentalist, he has been developing his concept of the aesthetics of vandalism in a plurality of media (stencil painting, wall carvings, pyrotechnic explosions, 3D modelling, installation & music videos) which have enabled him to expand the boundaries of visual expression. Vhils digs into the surface layers of our material culture like a contemporary urban archaeologist, exposing what lies beyond the superficiality of our cities’ walls. He has created a map of all his walls, if you want to see his work in person. | Previous Post More Vhils: Facebook | Twit

nonconcept: Khyber Ridge Residence, located in Whistler, Canada...

nonconcept : Khyber Ridge Residence, located in Whistler, Canada by Studio N-One .

Pay Per Click Checklist

Pay Per Click Checklist

Designer Creates 13 Perfect Circles to Draw Almost Any...

Designer Creates 13 Perfect Circles to Draw Almost Any Animal Everyone’s favorite blue bird—the Twitter logo—has a well-kept secret hidden in its design: the iconic character was created using 13 perfect circles that overlap and comprise its graceful curved wings and upward gaze. Inspired by this little-known fact, Toronto-based art director Dorota Pankowska gave herself a similar challenge: produce 13 different animals each constructed out of 13 circles. Pankowska’s self-imposed rule results in a menagerie of elegantly-illustrated creatures. Colorful in their execution, the baker’s dozen share the same trait: their bodies have the same gentle flow that looks deceptively simple. We know, however, the complexity behind these brilliant designs—Pankowska reveals it in each image. Every illustration begins as a still portrait that suddenly lights up, with animated circles highlighting the intricacies that lie in these animals. Thanks MyModernmet For more Unique A

iT Concept Vehicle Could be BMW Isetta’s Off-Road Cousin

iT Electric Concept Car was a design study for one week long passion project, inspired by iconic automotive manufacturer, BMW. It was designed to be an all electric off-road vehicle of the near future, featuring a large dynamic glass roof that keeps the users in touch with the environment. iT is light but its strong carbon fiber body with off road suspension and tires are ready to tackle all the terrain on its adventures. The electric platform ensures a clean carbon footprint in its wrath of torque. It a nice concept vehicle started just from a quick doodle sketch. The designer liked it so much that he decided to bring this car to life in 3D and share his vision. He likes to refer iT as the BMW Isetta’s off road cousin. Designer : Keith Dolezel More images of BMW iT Concept Vehicle: iT Concept Vehicle Could be BMW Isetta’s Off-Road Cousin is originally posted on Tuvie - Modern Industrial Design

Soleis Prosthetic Leg Concept by Thomas Belhacene

What if a prosthetic was not just a medical device, but an emotional partner that supports you both physically and mentally? Based on that idea, Thomas Belhacene wanted to design and develop an equipment that improves athletes performance, the result is Soleis Prosthetic Leg . It’s specially designed prosthetic leg for Adaptive Bobsled Athletes, the one and only prosthetic that allows weight-bearing and energy-return capabilities, while strengthening psychological performance. Awesome. Soleis project has a mission, to create specific equipment for the first ever adaptive Bobsled Paralympic in 2018. At this moment, there’s no existing equipment for this sport, which opens up a world of opportunities to design an impactful product. Bobsledding is one of the hardest, most physical sports out there. It is one of the only sports that requires you to run, push heavy objects, lift and jump. Designer : Thomas Belhacene Soleis Prosthetic Leg uses air shock and elastomer rubber band to