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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Kinetic Walking Person Sculpture from Random InternationalRandom...

Kinetic Walking Person Sculpture from Random International Random International Studio has created a subtle but powerful kinetic sculpture called Study for Fifteen Points.  From : With spindly legs that look like an upturned spider, this experimental kinetic artwork by Random International relies on the viewer to watch from just the right perspective to reveal a hidden secret. Each of the 15 ‘arms’ is tipped with white LEDs that collectively move to mimic the motions of a walking human figure. Titled Study for Fifteen Points, the piece was created to examine the “minimal amount of information that is actually necessary for the animated form to be recognized as human.” More thought provoking art can be found on our I nstagram feed . Posted by Lisa .

minusculenetwork: Winner Announced: Electric Objects EO1...

minusculenetwork : Winner Announced:  Electric Objects EO1 GIVEAWAY! Electric Objects is the digital art platform that’s changing the way we discover, display and collect art for our favorite spaces.  EO1  is Electric Objects’ state-of-the-art 23-inch, 1080p digital frame that showcases classic, modern and digital art beautifully whether in a dining room or on a desk; in daylight or darkness. Neither bright nor muted, it’s more of a luminous oil painting that elevates every work of art it displays. The team at Electric Objects is on a mission to make highly personalized digital art experiences available to everyone. Commissioned collections are added to their portfolio every week, giving EO1 users an all-access pass to over 15,000 captivating works of art from classics like Van Gogh to groundbreakers like kyttenjanae. Further personalize your EO1 with your own images, photography, videos, GIFs or anything you find interesting online. Add new art, create playlists

Views of Earth from the ISSThe International Space Station (ISS)...

Views of Earth from the ISS The International Space Station ( ISS ) is a space station , or a habitable artificial satellite , in low Earth orbit . Its first component launched into orbit in 1998, and the ISS is now the largest artificial body in orbit and can often be seen with the naked eye from Earth. [9] [10] The ISS consists of pressurised modules, external trusses, solar arrays , and other components. ISS components have been launched by Russian Proton and Soyuz rockets, and American Space Shuttles.|| All credits NASA Txt Wiki For more Unique Art follow us on Instagram || Twitter || Facebook Posted by Andrew

The U.S. Baby Bust

The U.S. Baby Bust

Aqueous 120-meter Superyacht Concept Features Stainless Steel Accents to Add Elegant Touch

Aqueous 120 is a 120-meter superyacht concept designed by Facheris Design, Florida based design studio. Inspired by automotive industry where aerodynamics plays an important role in the actual design of the vehicle, the design team has designed a stunningly dynamic and aggressive lines that exposes a sleek appearance of a yacht of this size. This concept yacht has received a spot in the shortlist of 2016 International Yacht and Aviation Awards. The outboard finish of this yacht features stainless steel accents that add elegant touch to the overall appearance, visually appealing, it reflects rich colors of its surroundings. Passengers would be able to enjoy a massive 400sq meter aft deck, including a large infinity pool covered by retractable awning. There are spacious lounge areas with protection from elements by the sloping structure, but passengers can still enjoy a good view thanks to large cut-outs. Designer : Facheris Design Helipad is also available, but due to this yacht

Artist: Hsu Tung Han - 韓旭東In China, there isn’t really a...

Hsu Tung Han Hsu Tung Han Hsu Tung Han Hsu Tung Han Hsu Tung Han Hsu Tung Han Hsu Tung Han Hsu Tung Han Artist: Hsu Tung Han - 韓旭東 In China, there isn’t really a distinctive categorisation between Thought and Philosophy, between common art and Contemporary Art. The Know-How “savoir-faire” isn’t considered lower than the idea. There is no Gift nor Talent instead of it there is hard working. Hsu Tung Han shows here his mastery that certain people would only consider as a great craftsmanship. And a lot of his artworks carries an anti-war message. Check our Twitter and Facebook for more original Art Selected by Very Private Art

SCALO: Prosthetic Arm Designed Specially for Rock Climbing

SCALO is a specially designed trans-radial prosthetic arm for the sport of rock climbing. At the moment, almost all prosthetics have been designed for general use, it doesn’t target specific task, unfortunately, for certain activity, user requires specific shape of the prosthetic arm. This project aims to create fully mechanical and modular prosthetic arm, it has to be as economical as possible. The aluminum fairing is designed to dent and deform under contact while in use, in this way, over time, it will become a more personal item. Extensive research were done, including visitation around UK disability clinics, climbing trips, hospital visits, and also collection of 3D scan data. During the design process, the designer tried to derive the design based around hero users, both men and women that he met from British Army who lost their arms during conflict. Designer : Samuel Twist SCALO Prosthetic Climbing Arm has been designed to be able to rotate 360-degrees, providing user com