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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Paper Dolls by Maki Hino Japanese artist Maki Hino is the...

Paper Dolls by Maki Hino Japanese artist Maki Hino is the creator of these enchanting 3-dimensional illustrations made of acrylic paint on paper. She started making all-jointed dolls under Simon Yotsuya at “Ecole de Simon”, after few years she learned to make dolls under Ryo Yoshida at “Pygmalion”.  Don’t forget to tag #crossconnect in your tweets ! posted by Margaret   via

joe-stone: Literally another comic I drew.

joe-stone : Literally another comic I drew.

nonconcept: Waiatatura House, Auckland, New Zealand by Studio...

nonconcept : Waiatatura House, Auckland, New Zealand by Studio Monk Mackenzie . (Photography: Mark Smith )

Blindness, Javier MartinFollow us on Instagram

Blindness,  Javier Martin Follow us on Instagram

BMW Motorrad Lac Rose Rally Motorbike Concept Is Modern Interpretation of Bike That Won Paris-Dakar Rallye in 1985

BMW Motorrad introduces Lac Rose Rally Motorbike Concept , inspired by Paris-Dakar Rally heroes and victorious BMW machines. Can you see the resemblance to BMW R nineT? It’s a new interpretation of that model, perfectly in line with the spirit of Wheels and Waves Festival. BMW R nineT has gained a lot of popularity from the very first introduced on the market which can be seen at Wheels & Waves. Edgard Heinrich, Head of Design at BMW Motorrad, explains how that result has made the team very proud. This time, he wanted to create something special for the festival, something that no one has seen from BMW Motorrad yet. The result is BMW Motorrad Concept Lac Rose, it’s based on interpretation of the bike that won Paris-Dakar Rallye in 1985, the design is fully in line with the spirit of Wheels and Waves and its visitors, placing BMW R nineT into a new context to display BMW’s passion, heritage, and imagination, and what a few modifications can achieve. From : BMW BMW Motorrad Con

Kei Meguro was born in Tokyo, Japan and is currently a working...

Kei Meguro was born in Tokyo, Japan and is currently a working illustrator and graphic designer living in New York with her french-bulldog/Pekingese mix assistant, Momo. Meguro began as a self taught artist from a young age and much of what she has learned has come from her interaction and appreciation of great art. She developed her techniques at the School of Visual Arts, where she started out majoring in Fine Arts and received a BFA in Graphic Design in 2010. Follow us on Tumblr !

Wayv Adventurer Portable Food Heater Works in Any Environments

Outdoor adventurers, you can enjoy warm meal anywhere, thanks to technology from Wayv. Introducing Adventurer Portable Food Heater that works just like a microwave. This revolutionary technology has transformed microwave oven into a hand held device, allowing you to heat food and beverages anywhere. Adventurer is a safe food-heating device that emits no toxic fumes or carbon monoxide, the compact size makes it very convenient to carry, it is lightweight (less than 1.5kg) and fits in a rucksack. When you are out there, feeling cold, simply heat your food or drink using Adventurer, the RF LDMOS Transistors would heat it in less than 5 minutes. From : Wayv Featuring digital control on the lid, you can start or stop the heating process. The display also informs you about any remaining power. This device is designed with interchangeable quick charging power packs, it has 30 minutes operational time, which means, it can provide you up to 6 hot meals or drinks. We believe Adventurer wo

Le Mans 2030 Concept for Michelin Design Challenge 2017

Le Mans 2030 Concept Car has been designed for Michelin Design Challenge 2017, it aims to make car racing much more interesting. David Voltner, the designer, believes that due to the complexity of this sport, slowly but sure, people will lost interest in it. That’s why, in order to attract more people to celebrate car racing sport, David has come up with this concept racing car. You can read his explanations below. My topic for Le Mans 2030 is FORWARDING INFORMATIONS TO SPECTATOR, because the number of motorsport fans decreases rapidly every year. I believe that it is caused by the complexity of this sport. Average fans simply don’t know why certain things are happening on the race track and they often feel confused = which results into the lost interest. I am convinced that FIA, in order to rescue this beautiful sport will have to make regulation changes and make it much more transparent and catchy for all the fans to retain or broaden the fan base. Designer : David Voltner The

Balance Concept Earphones Are Designed with Braun’s DNA in Mind

Balance is a pair of concept earphones that are purely designed with the Braun DNA in mind. It’s a design proposal for the company that represents Braun’s clean lines, perfect proportion and beautiful aesthetic in products. The smooth finish of the aluminum body with the polished chamfered edge and the small branding etched below it. Braun Balance are a new direction in the earphones market, not only for sound but also to for the fine details within the design. Designer : Chris Rackett Simplicity runs solely through the design from the earphones aluminum housing and branding application. To the volume rocker with its minimal and clean design, allowing the user to easily lower or heighten the sound. Furthermore the use of a tangle free chord eliminates any long winded untangling of earphones in public, allowing instant use and no time wasting, so that you can get back to listening to your favorite artists. On the whole Balance brings Braun back into the consumer electronics se