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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Merge (by Dániel Taylor)Illustrations bringing together flowers...

Merge (by  Dániel Taylor ) Illustrations bringing together flowers with birds and the female body.

Brazil’s “Museum of Tomorrow” (Museu do Amanhã)Just in time for...

Brazil’s “Museum of Tomorrow” (Museu do Amanhã ) Just in time for the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro the  Museu do Amanhã  opens up in Rio. From : The Museum of Tomorrow (Museu do Amanhã), designed by architect Santiago Calatrava ( ) , has just been inaugurated in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Located on Mauá Pier, the museum is the cornerstone of the plan to revitalise Rio’s previously derelict old port district, Porto Maravilha (meaning “marvellous port”), an area intrinsically linked with Rio’s cultural history. According to Calatrava, Carioca culture and Brazilian nature, particularly the bromeliads in Rio’s Botanical Gardens, were both sources of inspiration for its design. Architects Santiago Calatrava build amazing buildings all around the world.Thanks to Design Father . More architectural wonders can be found on our Twitter Feed . Post by Lisa .

nonconcept: LUNA - live by the light of the moon. (Indiegogo)

nonconcept : LUNA - live by the light of the moon. ( Indiegogo )

nonconcept: Inspiring sculptures by Joshua Harker.

nonconcept : Inspiring sculptures by Joshua Harker .

Contemporary Portrait Artist Lu CongFrom the website of Lu...

Contemporary Portrait Artist Lu Cong From the website of Lu Cong : Lu Cong was born in Shanghai, and immigrated to the U.S. at the age of 11.  He studied biology at the University of Iowa, and attended graduate school for Humanities at the University of Colorado.  He’s been recognized as an original and influential American painter. H/T More amazing art on our Facebook .  Posted by Lisa .

DS Luxe Autre Concept Car Was Inspired by The Beauty of Female Body

The DS Luxe Autre is a visualization of a look into the future of how far Avant-Garde styling and the utilization of autonomous travel can push the boundaries for what a halo Car for the brand could look like. Taking on the likes of rolls Royce and Bentley to offer an alternative with luxury brand tie-in such as Hermes and St. Louis to offer a unique French competitor in the vein of the cruise-ship; the SS Normandie of the 20’s. The Clientele base of the Luxe Autre is also a key USP as only selected ‘Icons’ will be invited to purchase the vehicle in order to further promote the rest of the brand to the Chinese Market. The car itself will always be kept in the DS World Showrooms to act as a mobile ‘Work of art’ with the car being visibly worked on and customized by the DS Craftsmen, adding another attraction to Paris or Shanghai where these showrooms are. Designer : Sean Bull The key influences for the project came from the form and beauty of the female body with a key focus on f