Sunday, May 29, 2016

MISPLACED, Anton RepponenStructural icons of NYC misplaced in...

MISPLACED, Anton Repponen

Structural icons of NYC misplaced in unfamiliar locations around the globe.

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The Beautiful and Bizzare Art of Alessandro BoezioAlessandro...

The Beautiful and Bizzare Art of Alessandro Boezio

Alessandro Boezio is a sculptor from Milan, Italy. His anatomical works skirt the distinction between bizarre and the surreal. He takes multiple arms and legs and blends them together in ways that can make a viewer squirm.Their bone white finish and perfect anatomical rendering lends them the beauty old masterpieces of Italian sculpture. Some of his works border on obscene or pornographic, but lacks anatomical parts to be truly obscene. Thanks to re:art.  

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Watercolors by Ian Ramsay Ian Ramsay was born in Farnborough,...

Watercolors by Ian Ramsay

Ian Ramsay was born in Farnborough, Kent, England in 1948.  He received a degree in architecture at the University of Utah and is a licensed architect. In 1979 Ian left architecture to become a full-time watercolor artist. Since that time he has traveled and painted extensively. His work has been exhibited all over the US, Japan, and Britain and can be described as selectively realistic, intense, atmospherically active and colorful.

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Artist: Jaume PlensaBorn in Barcelona, 1955Plensa’s body of work...

Artist: Jaume Plensa

Artist: Jaume Plensa

Artist: Jaume Plensa

Artist: Jaume Plensa

Artist: Jaume Plensa

Artist: Jaume Plensa

Artist: Jaume Plensa

Artist: Jaume Plensa

Artist: Jaume Plensa

Born in Barcelona, 1955

Plensa’s body of work is primarily inspired by the complexities of the human condition. He is known for the exploration of the tension between the interior and exterior life. The artist uses a variety of materials—from cast iron to steel and bronze to alabaster and synthetic resin—choosing the material which will best communicate his idea for the image. Plensa’s portraits are a radical reinterpretation of what is usually considered the domain of a more classical art. Each portrait begins with an image of a particular individual, usually a young woman on the cusp of adulthood, someone he knows. Posing with eyes closed, the sitter is photographed from all sides, and then the image is elongated and abstracted in the computer with Plensa’s unerring eye and masterful treatment of the human image to create sculpture with an elegant silhouette and universal appeal. The features of his portraits transcend race, culture and language.

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really-shit: The Painted Photograph, Dean West


The Painted Photograph, Dean West

minusculenetwork: Electric Objects x Minuscule FREE EO1...


Electric Objects x Minuscule FREE EO1 Giveaway

Electric Objects is the digital art platform that’s changing the way we discover, display and collect art for our favorite spaces. EO1 is Electric Objects’ state-of-the-art 23-inch, 1080p digital frame that showcases classic, modern and digital art beautifully whether in a dining room or on a desk; in daylight or darkness. Neither bright nor muted, it’s more of a luminous oil painting that elevates every work of art it displays.

The team at Electric Objects is on a mission to make highly personalized digital art experiences available to everyone. Commissioned collections are added to their portfolio every week, giving EO1 users an all-access pass to over 15,000 captivating works of art from classics like Van Gogh to groundbreakers like kyttenjanae. Further personalize your EO1 with your own images, photography, videos, GIFs or anything you find interesting online. Add new art, create playlists and control the display through a slick smartphone app.

Electric Objects is giving away an EO1 to celebrate the launch of their museum collection, which features over 1,000 works from institutions like The Getty, The National Gallery and The New York Public Library. Minuscule couldn’t be more excited to partner with a company so committed to bringing a beautiful, 21st century art experience to everyone.

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