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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Beautiful Fusion Between Materials in Eduard Locota...

Beautiful Fusion Between Materials in Eduard Locota Designs Eduard Locota  is a Romanian designer, working with glass resin as a primary medium. His delMare Table and Oceanus Blocks are hypnotic. Every piece is handcrafted from zero with primary materials white marble and acrylic glass. If you are curious, you may check the fabrication process on his page . Don’t forget to tag #crossconnect in your tweets ! posted by Margaret   via

nonconcept: LUNA - live by the light of the moon. (Indiegogo)

nonconcept : LUNA - live by the light of the moon. ( Indiegogo )

Historical Figures with Cheeky Twist by Matthew Quick Matthew...

Historical Figures with Cheeky Twist by Matthew Quick Matthew Quick  (born 1967 in Adelaide) is named in Business Review Weekly as one of Australia’s top 50 artists. Quick’s works usually consist of thematically and stylistically linked series. Monumental Nobodies series is Inspired by the rise and fall of various historical world empires, and the subsequent statuary left behind. This series of more than 40 oil paintings on Italian linen depict actual monuments from around the world with Quick’s added twist. For more check out his Facebook . Receive art updates from our Twitter feed posted by Margaret   via

Quantum Concept Museum by Vasil Velchev

Quantum is a conceptual museum building. It’s an exhibition center designed to host the forefront in Product Design as well as all iconic projects created over the years. Quantum is a 3-floor building with two asymmetric corpora and tunnels that connect both parts. The structure will be made of steel and concrete. External shell is constructed with fractal pattern aluminum alloy or other light material with polymer structure. Using new technology, it could be even 3D printed. It’s completed with glass panels on both sides. Designer : Vasil Velchev The architecture style is probably organic-eclectic where shape can be geometrically described as combination of overlapping spheres, displaced relatively one to another, forming two asymmetrical corpora with different internal areas and balconies. The connection between them is achieved by connecting 5 corridors in the form of mini-deformed protuberances. Spiritually, it can have many descriptions but the primary idea was to represent

New Editorial Illustrations Incorporating Cut Paper Textures and...

New Editorial Illustrations Incorporating Cut Paper Textures and Shadows by Eiko Ojala Estonian illustrator Eiko Ojala ( previously ) brings a fantastic sense of depth and texture into his editorial illustrations by using carefully arranged layers of cut paper and shadows. The works are all assembled digitally, but the artist often incorporates his own photos to achieve the desired effect. Seen here are a number of personal artworks, branding projects, and editorial spreads from the last year or so. You can see much more on Behance . Thanks Colossal For more Unique Art follow us on Instagram || Twitter || Facebook Posted by Andrew

Iceni H2 Hydrogen Fuel Cell Sports Car by Tom Johnson

Iceni H2 Hydrogen Fuel Cell Sports Car is a design submission from Tom Johnson, an architectural designer by profession, but car lovers at heart. Witnessing the slow demise of internal combustion engine, he started to design a concept for a sports car that uses commercially available fuel cell technology. Inspired by his grandfather who was part of the research team that built the world’s first fuel cell car back in the late 1960s, Tom believes, the time has come where fuel cell cars or fuel cell sports cars are something common on the road. With Toyota’s free release of most of its fuel cell patents to the world, and Shell rolling out up to 400 hydrogen filling stations across Germany. Designer : Tom Johnson The aesthetic design philosophy of Iceni H2 Hydrogen Fuel Cell Concept Sports Car is centered around purity – given the pollution-free nature of the drive train. It is simple in form with free from esoteric wings and vents that aren’t absolutely essential to its function. T