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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

scottrodgerson: The Death to Which We Beat Each OtherScott...

scottrodgerson : The Death to Which We Beat Each Other Scott Rogerson 2016 Website / Tumblr / Facebook

Submission from Steve CobbinHi, I’m Steve Cobbin.I used to be a...

Submission from Steve Cobbin Hi, I’m Steve Cobbin. I used to be a full time science teacher, working with 11—16 year olds for 25 years. Then illness caused a drastic rethink. Now I still work with youngsters on a part time basis but my lifelong interest in art has been reborn. I have always had a love of wild places, mountains, moorlands, rivers and the sea. I love exploring on foot and on my bike, recording those special magical places where atmosphere and visual beauty combine to produce something special. Tourist traps, mountain peaks or secluded woodland clearings, character and atmosphere are everything. Recently I have concentrated on my local area—the Somerset Levels and the Mendips, while taking occasional trips to Dartmoor and Wales. I attempt to convey the mood of a place by the use of vivid colour, stark contrast and exaggerated lighting while remaining honest and exact in detail. Thanks for the submission!   Submit your work to Cross Connect Magazine!

Mystical Glow-in-the-Dark Jewelry Emits an Ethereal Turquoise...

Mystical Glow-in-the-Dark Jewelry Emits an Ethereal Turquoise Glow Artisan Manon Richard infuses a bit of magic into her collection of playful phosphorescent jewelry. Crafting the likes of earrings, pendants, and rings, she is inspired by both the natural world and mystical realm, combining elements of Earth’s beauty with a mysterious turquoise glow. The results are perfect for someone who wants their heart to feel a little lighter. Richard uses high-quality glow-in-the-dark materials to accentuate small details within each piece—such as the wing of a butterfly or surface of a bead. To get the most of its stunning color, she suggests you charge the phosphorescent by holding it under a light for a few minutes or wearing it in the sun. Richard constantly stocks new pieces for sale through her Etsy shop, Papillon9 . For more Unique Art follow us on Instagram || Twitter || Facebook Posted by Andrew

Illustrations by yanadhyana

Illustrations by yanadhyana

Illustrations by yanadhyana

Illustrations by yanadhyana

Illustrations by Davi Augusto Davi Augusto is an illustrator and...

Illustrations by Davi Augusto Davi Augusto  is an illustrator and designer from Sao Paulo, Brazil. His clients include among others: WMcCann, Conti, ESPN, Editora Abril, Editoral Globo, Editora TRIP, GOL, TAM, Unimed, O2 Filmes, Folha de São Paulo, Rolling Stone. Visit Davi’s Flickr  for more of his work and follow him on Tumblr. Meet us on Facebook , Twitter , and Instagram posted by Margaret

Hand-Painted Clay Sculptures Look Like Whimsical...

Hand-Painted Clay Sculptures Look Like Whimsical Illustrations Madrid-based artist Irma Gruenholz creates her evocative three-dimensional “illustrations” using clay and plasticine. She sculpts the materials into soft-edged human renderings and then hand-paints them in whimsical color schemes, designing entrancing dioramas that invite imaginative interpretations from viewers. Our archive is the treasure chest. Just open it and you’ll see. posted by Margaret   via

Ego Smart Armchair Features Colorful, Rearrangeable Cushions

Ego smart armchair has been designed to provide you with many possibilities of appearances to suit your needs or styles. When you re-decorate your home, you don’t have to buy another furniture, simply re-arrange the color scheme to fit with the new décor, the process of re-arranging can be fun. There are 3 main goals of this furniture design: unique look, to be the focal point in any room, high level of comfort regardless its unconventional shape. You can change the appearance of this chair whenever you feel like it with minimum efforts and no additional investments are needed. Designer : Vasil Velchev Ego has been designed with colored-soft elements attached to its wooden/chromed grid. Each element can move through the grid in any direction, underneath, there’s a curved solid base situated on a leg frame with innovative shape for better stability. There’s only one element not attached to the grid, in this way, it can be pulled out and user can re-arrange other elements by follow