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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

turecepcja: Illustrations by Shinji Tsuchimochi

turecepcja : Illustrations by Shinji Tsuchimochi

mayanhandballcourt: Designer Storm Thorgerson

mayanhandballcourt : Designer Storm Thorgerson

crossconnectmag: The First Trailer for ‘Loving Vincent,’ an...

crossconnectmag : The First Trailer for ‘Loving Vincent,’ an Animated Film Featuring 12 Oil Paintings per Second by Over 100 Painters The first trailer for Loving Vincent ( previously ) was just released and it promises stunning visuals in a novel format: the film was created from a staggering 12 oil paintings per second in styles inspired by the famous Dutch painter’s brushstrokes. The upcoming movie will detail the story of Van Gogh’s life leading up to the tumultuous time surrounding his death some 125 years ago. According to the filmmakers, over 100 painters have contributed frames to the ambitious feature-length film that is still in progress at their headquarters in Gdansk, Poland. The film is currently being produced by Oscar-winning studios BreakThru Films and Trademark Films, and you can follow their progress or even get involved yourself on their website .    Thanks Colossal Follow more Art on Facebook and Twitter       Selected by Andrew

Illustrations by Victo Ngai  website l tumblr l behance

Illustrations by Victo Ngai    website l tumblr  l behance

emichenart: Orc Creature {sketch}

emichenart : Orc Creature {sketch}

Paintings by Kim Byungkwan Kim Byungkwan is a South Korean...

Paintings by Kim Byungkwan Kim Byungkwan is a South Korean illustrator, painter, and motion graphics artist. What I would like to express through my work is very simple.   I am trying to bring out strangeness from familiarity (visual habit). Everything there is out there in this world, more or less, provides familiar vision.  This familiar vision can be replaced as a habit. This habitual vision which every object gives us and creates comfort. However, it shuts down all the other possibilities.  The habitual vision or visual habit makes us go by the routine ways. It stops us from having an adventure and checking out the wonders out there.   My work is trying to destroy, tear up, and reconstruct this habitual vision so that our vision can be expanded to other images.  Our archive is the treasure chest. Just open it and you’ll see. posted by Margaret

Illustrations by Mercedes deBellard

Illustrations by Mercedes deBellard

crossconnectmag: Abstract painting by @Andrea...

crossconnectmag : Abstract painting by @ Andrea Pramuk Born and raised in Baton Rouge, Andrea received formal art training at LSU, Kansas City Art Institute, the University of Texas at Austin and the SACI program in Florence, Italy. Today, a 2nd career in artist materials fuels her experimental and abstract work in mixed media. Home is in Austin, Texas, the one place that nurtures her holistic and universal approach to making art.  Painting feels as natural to me as breathing. By allowing the light to determine the composition, the sense of space can be ethereal, airy, and soft. Even though I use a simplistic subject matter and color palette, the ideas and spaces are complex and deep.” Keep in touch! Like Cross Connect on Facebook ! posted by Margaret .

Emma McEvoy PhotographyEmma McEvoy is a Melbourne-based...

Emma McEvoy Photography Emma McEvoy  is a Melbourne-based photographer. She utilizes props, costumes and setting to create her photos – and says that although many people think everything in her images is photoshopped, where she can she creates the scenes using just props and camera trickery.  Emma says that photography is not her only ‘big love’ – it’s her voice. And it’s her voice that she tries to make heard through every photo, saying that she hopes they act as “bridges between our inner world and outer world, a way between hurt and healing”. Cross Connect Mag // Facebook - Twitter - Instagram posted by Margaret   via