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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Photos by Sheung YiuHong-Kong based photographer. He plays with...

Photos by Sheung Yiu Photos by Sheung Yiu Photos by Sheung Yiu Photos by Sheung Yiu Photos by Sheung Yiu Photos by Sheung Yiu Photos by Sheung Yiu Photos by Sheung Yiu Photos by Sheung Yiu Hong-Kong based photographer. He plays with the boundaries of photography as an expressive medium and incorporates a surrealistic language: digital images are printed and used as content for his photos. 2D surfaces are bent, cut, burnt and integrated as 3D elements of a 2D image as well as each artwork with some aspects of photographs – the compression of dimensions, signs, and symbols, the appropriation of reality. It is a re-imagination of the photograph from a perspective of which photography is a foreign concept. ( You can follow his constant and creative research on Tumblr: @juxtaposter ) Check our Twitter and Facebook for more original Art Selected by Very Private Art

The art of Alexandra Kern  Alexandra aka zandra is an animator...

The art of Alexandra Kern   Alexandra aka zandra is an animator and illustrator in Detroit, Michigan. She enjoys nothing better than breathing life into characters and telling stories. When she isn’t drawing, she composes original piano music, studies and teaches martial arts (Tang Soo Do), and enjoys riding horses in the summer. Alexandra graduated with high honors from the College for Creative Studies in 2015 with a BFA in Entertainment Arts/Animation.  Receive art updates from our Twitter feed posted by Margaret

American Slavery Maps

American Slavery Maps

E-lectra Concept Bicycle by Tautvydas Bertasius

E-lectric concept bike has been designed as a concept study for Michelin. It’s a high-end power assisted and lightweight commuter road bike for urban environment. The main frame is made of carbon fiber, it features an integrated suspension as well as integrated front and rear lights. There’s a small graphene-enabled supercapacitor battery that powers this bike and the lights, even better, the power output can be controlled through smartphone. There’s no conventional chain drive, it’s been replaced with a drive shaft and coaster brakes. Designer : Tautvydas Bertasius Tuvie has received this project from our ‘ Submit A Design ‘ feature, where we welcome our readers to submit their design/concept for publication. E-lectra Concept Bicycle by Tautvydas Bertasius is originally posted on Tuvie - Modern Industrial Design

Fashion Collage by Rocío MontoyaRocío Montoya is a...

Fashion Collage by Rocío Montoya Rocío Montoya is a multi-talented artist from Spain. In addition to collage art she also does fashion photography and fine art photography. Rocío Montoya also founded DOZE Magazine in 2010, which she co-directed and designed. You can see more of Rocío Montoya’s art on her Instagram . Thanks to I Love Art Tumblr .   Keep up with fashionable art on our Twitter Feed . Posted by Lisa .

Flash Falcon (FF) : Futuristic Electric Supersonic Jet With Its Own Compact Fusion Reactor

The return of supersonic jet, Flash Falcon (FF) is a concept futuristic jet from Oscar Vinals . It’s his personal future vision of how airplanes should be for the next generation. Flash Falcon has been designed based on extensive study of today’s and upcoming technologies, Oscar says that this concept project would be the last one of a trilogy ( Sky Whale , Progress Eagle , and Flash Falcon). This futuristic airplane belongs to generation that has taken advantage of fusion’s energy where currently it’s still under development, but in the next 15 to 20 years, who knows, we could generate enough electric energy to fly a jet. Designer : Oscar Viñals Imagination can take you anywhere, don’t you agree? FF would be a supersonic jet with a powerful thrust with capability to reach Mach3 speed. It’s an environmentally friendly jet with two decks that can accommodate up to 250 passengers in very comfortable conditions. The advanced electric-combustion (EC) engines combine an electric supe