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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

fubiz: Delicate Paintings by Hélène Delmaire

fubiz : Delicate Paintings by Hélène Delmaire

Drawings by Stephanie Inagaki A Southern California native,...

Drawings by  Stephanie Inagaki A Southern California native, Stephanie Inagaki received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sculpture from Boston University’s College of Fine Arts and her Master of Fine Arts in Sculpture from the San Francisco Art Institute. After studying abroad in Italy and living in major cities around the United States, she has returned to her roots to establish herself as a multifaceted artist in the Los Angeles area. By contextualizing the female body, hair, feathers, and crows into surrealistic compositions, I am creating my own mythology through these corporeal re-imaginings. My body is the landscape where double self-examinations occur through portraiture and self ruminations of the negative and positive aspects of hair and crows. Her  Twitter . Like what you see? Follow Cross Connect for the gorgeous art!  posted by Margaret

Installation Art by Matej Andraz Vogrinčič “At least equally...

Installation Art by Matej Andraz Vogrinčič “At least equally important, if not the most important part of my artwork, is the space. In the Australian desert, a church in Liverpool or in a small Siberian village, or on urban roof tops and buildings. All kind of spaces. The majority of my artworks were created especially for those spaces. With objects carefully chosen to work within the space, that resonated for the community or its history. Clothes from Venetians for the ‘Dressed house’ in Venice, toy cars from the people of Adelaide to be part of ‘Small cars members only’ project on a huge brick wall in Adelaide, watering cans for the ‘Moon Plain’ project in one of the driest places on earth in the Australian desert. Researching how the space will change with multiplying same or similar objects in a space is a core part of my practice. So the space + the objects = Artwork. When you pull them apart the artwork no longer exist. What I create is temporary. It can be fr

The Art of Greg Ruth Greg Ruth graduate of the Pratt...

The Art of Greg Ruth Greg Ruth  graduate of the Pratt Institute, is an illustrator, comic book artist, and a New York Times bestselling author of “The Lost Boy” and has worked making books and comics since 1993. He has created two music videos for Prince and Rob Thomas and has worked on nearly a dozen children’s picture books. He lives and works in Western Massachusetts. Receive art updates from his Twitter feed. Stay current with Cross Connect Magazine on Twitter and Facebook . posted by Margaret  

Cross Connect Magazine turned 4 today!A massive thank you to...

Cross Connect Magazine turned 4 today! A massive thank you to everyone who follows, everyone who contributes and all the wonderful artists out there who help make the world a better place. And a big thank you to Tumblr and all the staff for all that you do. Congratulations to Chaz who started all this in the first place !