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Paper cuts by Eiko Ojala, a renowned illustrator and graphic... crss

Urban Diversion by OakOakFrench charismatic artist, OakOak likes...

Urban Diversion by OakOak Urban Diversion by OakOak Urban Diversion by OakOak Urban Diversion by OakOak Urban Diversion by OakOak Urban Diversion by OakOak Urban Diversion by OakOak Urban Diversion by OakOak French charismatic artist, OakOak likes to play with urban elements. He perceives details most people would ignore and modify it with his intervention. He collaborates with international figures like  Fra Biancoshock (Italy), The Wa (Germany) or Bubble (France). Oakoak has brought to light some of the most thrilling street artworks even though usually tiny and hidden. He is based in Saint-Etienne where he started working on the streets. He is a true independent spirit who managed to be famous using the smartest simplicity. Check our Twitter and Facebook for more original Art Selected by Very Private Art

MV 800 RvR Twin Concept Motorcycle by Lee Thompson

Submitted by Lee Thompson, this concept motorcycle design was inspired by MZ concept, keeping MZ DNA, it also features Streetfighter characteristics. You can read his explanation below. I recently saw an MZ concept article here and was impressed, however looking at a design in today’s and 5 years time or so design I feel an MZ RvR 800 V-twin (not a Ducati) would be the way to go. Make it different but with a slightly Street fighter/ custom street appeal, but keep a little of the MZ DNA. The frame DNA and a close color flash back to the old blue and the bike would then start to establish an MZ identity, maybe the offering of something unique for example a retracting pillion seat. The street type custom image leans towards a cut down solo seat look, but what happens when the question of two up riding is asked for? I believe an aggressive stance should be considered so establish an identity, also maybe an introduction (in this case Green) an idea not just to offset plainness but establi

All 30,699 career shots by Kobe Bryant

All 30,699 career shots by Kobe Bryant

Collage Art by Amarins de JongAmarins de Jong is from the...

Collage Art by Amarins de Jong Amarins de Jong is from the Netherlands but currently works in Berlin, Germany. Her background includes work in fashion and interior design. Amarins de Jong’s collages include her painting as well as other elements. Thanks to . Thanks also to Nick C. Roberts . Keep up with contemporary art on our Twitter Feed . Posted by Lisa .