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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

crossconnectmag: Fantasy Art by Japanese Artist Miho...

crossconnectmag : Fantasy Art by Japanese Artist Miho Hirano Miho Hirano is a Japanese artist living in Abiko, Chiba.  She is a graduate of Musashino Art University.  The fantasy world Miho paints is inhabited by ephemeral women who seem to be merging with their environment as their hair flows into flowering tree limbs, bird filled bushes, and drifting seaweed.  Not knowing all the cultural significance of the natural world in her paintings makes it hard to truly appreciate her work, but it is easy to fall in love with the wonderful women and world that she has created.  Miho Hirano’s work is in a group display at the Jiro Miura Gallery in Japan until August 15, 2015.  Thanks to Hi-Fructose .  You can see Miho Hirano’s portfolio at The world is full of art - see more at our Facebook Page .  Posted by Lisa .

crossconnectmag: Kim Joon’s Brand Name 3D Limbs Born in...

crossconnectmag : Kim Joon’s Brand Name 3D Limbs Born in Seoul, Korea in 1966 Kim Joon (김준) is one of Korea’s most notable contemporary artists. He creates digital prints exploring themes of desire, memory & youth using porcelain & tattoos as his digital mediums. He fabricates compositions out of tableware, fragments of idealized nudes, & icons of Western pop culture. A master of 3D software, Kim successfully juxtaposes traditional Asian motifs & new media. Cross Connect also comes in Facebook     Posted by Yellowmenace

crossconnectmag: The Fantastic skills of Wojtek...

crossconnectmag : The Fantastic skills of Wojtek Kowalczyk Wojtek Kowalczyk is a Polish visual artist who was born in 1960.A Fine  maker of lithographs and superbly rendered ink drawings. Facebook                                                       && Don’t forget our facebook

MiClimate Wearable Climate Technology to Keep You Comfortable At All Times

MiClimate allows you to control the temperature around your body, keeping your comfortable at all times. Whatever the weather is, this wearable climate technology manages your comfort not only while riding your motorcycle, but also when you step off your bike and walk away. This device stays with you, it is based on a US Navy technology designed and developed for soldiers operating in extreme weather conditions, but this time, it’s available for you too. Wearable Climate stays with you whether you are riding, stopped at a gas station or even site seeing or hiking. Wearable battery-powered climate control keeps you comfortable anywhere. MiClimate is based on a US Navy technology developed for soldiers operating in extreme weather conditions and now it’s available to you. It’s a motorcyclists dream come true. Even though this device has been designed for motorcyclists, it doesn’t mean that you can’t use it in many other situations, you can wear it when cruising in a golf cart, cycling,

nonconcept: “Transfer White” by Kevin Corrado.

nonconcept : “Transfer White” by Kevin Corrado .

crossconnectmag: The Carved Photographs Of Michel...

crossconnectmag : The Carved Photographs Of Michel Lamoller German artist  Michel Lamoller  takes multiple photographs of the same place at different times, then prints and layers them, physically carving them into one image, sculpting two-dimensional space into three-dimensions. By then photographing the transformed image Lamoller returns the work to two-dimensions, playing with space and volume, echoing the compression of time and place in his work. The deconstructed figures in the resulting photographs are a visual reminder that people are always changing and never fully revealed. via   Discover more of these gems on our Facebook . posted by Margaret

Lift-Bit IoT Sofa Allows You to Make Different Configurations Simply by Hovering Your Hand Over The Seat

Lift-Bit is an IoT Sofa where user can digitally transform into endless configurations. Designed by Carlo Ratti Associati with the support of Vitra , he claims this is world’s first Internet-of-Things sofa and full-size prototype will be unveiled during this year’s Milan Design Week. Lift-Bit features modular, digitally-reconfigurable furniture system that allows you to turn a sofa into a chair, a chaise lounge, a bed, a lounge room, or any other cool configurations according to your needs. The system consists of a series of individual, upholstered stools where each one is motorized with a linear actuator, allowing each stool to be raised or lowered. Even the height can be doubled in just a few seconds. Designer : Carlo Ratti Associati Using a simple gesture as easy as hovering your hand in the air over the seat, you can control Lift-Bit. Even from distance, you can use the mobile app to control this cool sofa. The app comes with a series of predetermined 3D shapes and a tool t