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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Jeffrey Simmons Geometries in Watercolor Jeffrey Simmons born...

Jeffrey Simmons Geometries in Watercolor Jeffrey Simmons born 1968 is a painter, living in Seattle, Washington. He is represented by Greg Kucera Gallery, Inc.  The artist uses of a table top mounted, rotating platform, to make many of the watercolors works sets. The watercolors are built up, layer by layer, beginning with the lightest of washes…I continue painting increasingly darker, narrower rings until I arrive at a fine line at the center of the original ring. That line, the darkest color, has all of the previous colors underneath it…If successful, I want the paintings to have the appearance of something inevitable, if not wholly predictable. See works in progress at  and follow him on  Instagram . If you aren’t following Cross Connect, you’re missing out. posted by Margaret   via

Illustrations by Jenna ArtsI’m Jenna Arts (24). With my...

Illustrations by Jenna Arts I’m Jenna Arts (24). With my last name, I was destined to either become a doctor (arts means doctor in dutch) or an artist. I chose the last and graduated as an illustrator at AKV st. Joost (Breda, the Netherlands) in 2013. Follow her on Behance . Like what you see? Follow Cross Connect for the gorgeous art! posted by Margaret

Experts Predict the Future of Data Analytics and Visualization

Experts Predict the Future of Data Analytics and Visualization

A Simple and adorable Cat by C215“the cat is the symbol of...

c215 c215 c215 c215 c215 c215 c215 c215 A Simple and adorable Cat by C215 “the cat is the symbol of freedom , and freedom is what artists want. Duty paint in public to an event , with professional photographers who take pictures of you , is not the most interesting.” Those days (April 2016), many urban artists were at the Art Paris Art Fair. I nstead, C215 decided to paint for a Syrian refugee camp in Sa’d Nayil in Beqaa, Lebanon. Check our Twitter and Facebook for more original Art Selected by Very Private Art

Mixed Media Art by Marco Castillo Marco Castillo was born in...

Mixed Media Art by  Marco Castillo Marco Castillo was born in 1988, Caracas, Venezuela. He studied architecture at Jose María Vargas University and currently based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. You can see much more of Marco’s works on Flickr . Want to keep up with art?  Check out our Twitter feed. posted by Margaret

JinGoo : Beautiful Light That Plays Music to Brighten Your Space

JinGoo is a designer craft piece that takes the form of a bird cage and brings together the features of an ambient light and a bluetooth speaker. With this beautiful lamp that plays music, owners are invited to create a pleasant atmosphere for any space. According to the DAQI CONCEPT design team from Taiwan, the name JinGoo is taken from ancient Chinese literature, in which it is used to describe the sweet sound of birds calling. Bird keeping is a ritual in traditional Chinese culture and bird cages are commonly seen as part of home decor. The owners, whom enjoy a carefree and abundant lifestyle, would take their birds in cages for strolls in early mornings and admire the bird’s songs while writing and reciting poetry. Designer : DAQI CONCEPT Sean Chen, CEO of DAQI CONCEPT, said that he hoped JinGoo can bring back leisurely lifestyle to urban homes, it can be a special companion and create magical space to inspire endless imagination. This unique light offers harmonious blend be