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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Illustrations With Hidden Messages Show The Darker Side Of...

Illustrations With Hidden Messages Show The Darker Side Of Modern Society Photo artist Igor Morski has a slightly different view of the world, and he invites you to share this view with these surreal illustrations. The Polish artist is a passionate critic of a modern society. With his thought-provoking illustration series “System Failure”, Igor analyses topics like greed and the cult of beauty, along with the crisis of economic and social values. ‘‘ System Failure ‘‘ Series Here Like us on Facebook and Twitter    Selected by Andrew

Pollution by Rheann

Pollution by Rheann

Street Artist: Man o MaticHis pseudonym ‘Man o Matic’ questions...

manomatic manomatic manomatic manomatic manomatic manomatic manomatic manomatic Street Artist: Man o Matic His pseudonym ‘Man o Matic’ questions our relation with the destructive automatism of our day-to-day lives, the convention and routine. Man o Matic is a creative automate, born from the American machinery. Born from Warhol and definitely Post-Pop, we could link his work to the Obey’s. Being a street artist for him was obviously the only choice, in order to transmit his messages to the people. At the first glance, he seduces us with figurative realism to trap the ones who casually pass by, and propagates his message: the blind happiness in our society today. Being happy with high morale becomes politically correct…( complete article ). Check our Twitter and Facebook for more original Art Selected by  Very Private Art

Paintings by Hannah Faith Yata Several new works of the...

Paintings by  Hannah Faith Yata Several new works of the Brooklyn-based artist-painter Hannah Faith Yata   (featured previously) who creates phantasmagorical paintings featuring female bodies merged with expressive fish heads. Find more of her work on Tumblr and Instagram . Cross Connect Mag // Facebook - Twitter - Instagram posted by Margaret

Illustrations by Laurie Hastings Laurie Hastings is an...

Illustrations by Laurie Hastings Laurie Hastings  is an illustrator and printmaker, currently living, drawing and printing in London. People are often central to the images Laurie creates: she enjoys conveying individuals engaging with their surroundings and creating a subtle narrative. She is interested in exploring the use of texture and pattern to build atmosphere and create visually appealing images. Laurie works for a wide variety of international clients, with recent commissions including book jackets for Random House, Hodder, and Stoughton, and pieces for Psychologies Magazine, Readers Digest, The Independent and The Boston Globe Newspaper. Receive art updates from her  Twitter feed or buy things  through her shop. Posted with the permission of the artist. Don’t forget to tag #crossconnect in your tweets ! posted by Margaret   via