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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

photicones by pessuli My works, between photo and pictures,...

photicones by pessuli My works, between photo and pictures, vision and dreams . Thank you photicones   for your submission    Submit Here               

Street Artist: Mademoiselle Maurice Mademoiselle Maurice is a...

Street Artist:  Mademoiselle Maurice Mademoiselle Maurice  is a French visual and urban artist. She creates stunning geometric figures on urban surfaces using rainbows of folded origami figures. Want to keep up with art?  Check out our Twitter feed. posted by Margaret   via

Photographer Guido MocaficoExplores a life-long fascination with...

Photographer Guido Mocafico Explores a life-long fascination with the glass work of Leopold and Rudolf Blaschka in his most recent photography series, titled Blaschka . Mocafico has spent the last few years travelling to museums and universities around the world, collecting shots of some of the most impressive marine masterpieces that the Blaschkas ever created. The illuminated aquatic creatures colourful jellyfish, octopuses, sea anemones and corals come to life against plain black backgrounds in Mocafico’s series. Follow us on Facebook  |  selected by Skumar’s

The Truthful Art by Alberto Cairo: Interview & Giveaway

The Truthful Art by Alberto Cairo: Interview & Giveaway

Omata One – Analog GPS Speedometer for Bicycle

Cyclist, you would love to know that, now, there’s an analog GPS speedometer you can attach onto your bike, Omata One . It’s an advanced GPS computer that is capable to display data that you need in cool, modern analog design. The analog face makes it easier to read while in motion, the design was carefully crafted to complement your bike. This device would show essential ride data in an analog form based on the science that analog dials would reduce cognitive load. In this way, all data would be easier to read at a glance while you can still focus on enjoying the ride. Omata One provides 4 metrics: speed, distance, ascent, and time. From : Omata Inside, Omata One tracks everything with high level of precision just like best cycling computers. All your riding data can be exported via USB-C to Strava, or the application of your choice. The internal memory keeps record all data and converts them into analog movement thanks to custom mechanical sub-assembly developed by Seiko Precis

Paintings by Rinat VoligamsiRinat Voligamsi was born 1968 in...

Paintings by Rinat Voligamsi Rinat Voligamsi  was born 1968 in Bashkiria, Russia. Graduated from constructive faculty of Ufa State Petroleum University specialization in Architecture. Since 2000 is a member of the Union of Artists of Russia. Lives and works in Ufa. “Canvases by Rinat Voligamsi remind of a black-and-white pictorial review and war-time sketchbooks of the Soviet period. Using the style of an archive document, the artist consummately paints impossible, absurd stories. The ironic, post-conceptualist optics of Rinat Voligamsi demolishes ideological structures of pathos and heroism, and the status of a document confirming reality is doubted by reality itself.” – Alexander Evangeli View similar posts  | selected by Margaret via

Toyota uBox Urban Utility Vehicle for Generation Z In The Year of 2020

Toyota uBox is part of Deep Orange project, this is the result of Deep Orange 6 program with objective to design youth oriented vehicle with a targeted U.S. market introduction of 2020. The vehicle should fit the need both young males and females. The main focus of this project is on the utility vehicle aspects with the goal of understanding the future active young people that live in urban settings, need in a utility/activity car. This vehicle is dedicated for Gen Z, generation that was born in 1995, society’s first true digital natives. They would be constantly busy with their work, play, study, and relax while still connected to digital world. This generation would need transportation that can supplement life’s experiences beyond traveling from A to B. Designers : Automotive Engineering Graduate Students at the Clemson University International Center for Automotive Research (CU-ICAR) Sponsored by Toyota Toyota uBox features low and completely flat interior floor with removab