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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Isn’t that right

Isn’t that right

Artist: Cristina CórdovaCristina Córdova received a Bachelor of...

Cristina Cordova Cristina Cordova Cristina Cordova Cristina Cordova Cristina Cordova Cristina Cordova Cristina Cordova Cristina Cordova Artist: Cristina Córdova Cristina Córdova received a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Puerto Rico in Mayagüez and continued to earn a Master of Fine Arts in Ceramics from the New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University. In 2011, she founded TravelArte ( ), an ongoing platform that provides educational experiences  within the ceramics medium while immersing students in the creative culture of a particular geographical setting. Her Afro-Caribbean heritage and her understanding of contemporary and historical influences have impacted her art form.  Her words:  “Because it is such a monolithic tradition that you drag in, it’s hard – especially in the contemporary setting of art – to use the figure in a way that does not drag you back, that is perceived as fresh and valid” Check our Twitter an

Juan OsornoLike bizarre educational prints from a related but...

Juan Osorno Like bizarre educational prints from a related but slightly unnerving alternate reality, the sober drawings of Juan Osorno portray anonymous figures whose faces have been assimilated by forests, stars and planets. Drawn on old notebook paper and neatly numbered, they could just as easily have been found in the yellowed memoirs of a scientist who somehow caught a glimpse of another world. Uncover more of Juan’s work on his Instagram and Pinterest page! Check out our Facebook and Twitter pages for daily visual treats! | Posted by Falco

really-shit: Good Morning (gif by Typical Hope)

really-shit : Good Morning  (gif by Typical Hope )

Hannah Siegfried is a photographer from the United States. She...

Hannah Siegfried is a photographer from the United States.  She experimented with photography for several years before pursuing it seriously in 2012 while she was attending college. Hannah’s art style incorporates different aesthetics from different decades into dreamy and nostalgic scenes. “I was always a creative person, but I think what really pushed me to start taking photographs seriously was just being inspired! I was constantly inspired by images I saw on Tumblr or in my art history classes in school, and I wanted to have an outlet and express my vision as well. Once I figured out a few basics with the camera I was suddenly hit with a rush of creativity and I’ve just been rolling with it since. Making art is important to me now simply because it makes me happy. When I create something that truly fits my vision that feeling is the best thing in the world to me. And as a woman I feel like it is important for me to follow my path and help make the art world

Hidden Time Concept Watch Uses Gradient Color to Indicate The Hour

A minimalist watch design that uses unique method to indicate time. Designed by Jiwoong Jung, the time is printed on the watch glass with the hour hand rotates as the hidden time is revealed. Hidden Time concept wristwatch displays the hour by a gradient color, in this way, the overall design displays only current time and hides the other. It also gradually turns to darker from 1 o’clock to 12 o’clock, pretty cool, huh? Designer : Jiwoong Jung Hidden Time Concept Watch Uses Gradient Color to Indicate The Hour is originally posted on Tuvie - Modern Industrial Design

Kristin SagliFrom a distance it can be hard to believe that...

Kristin Sagli From a distance it can be hard to believe that Kristin’s intricate, soft drawings are not close-up photos of artfully arranged merino wool or plant life. Some of the downy, organic landscapes almost invite you to lay down and drift off into a gentle slumber. Others appear a little less benign, hiding strange explosions and writhing alien forms just beneath the surface. Either way, each piece offers something intriguing to discover. Untangle more of Kristin’s works on her Behance and Twitter For daily artful surprises, check out our Facebook and Twitter pages! | Posted by Falco

Artbrew : Smart, Automated Beer Brewing Machine

Well, not only coffee can be made automatically, crafting beer can be done automatically as well. ArtBrew is a smart, automated brewing system that allows you to brew your own beer easily from the comfort of your own home. You can access brewmaster app to pick the recipe, then insert ingredients, and press start. Yes, this auto brewing system makes it easy for you thanks to its companion app, it uses only highest quality of beer brewing ingredients, you can purchase a pre-created Artpack or prepare your own ingredients. The LCD screen displays several option of beer types, or you can create your own recipe through the app from yeast, malts, to hops. Each ingredient has its own compartment, no mistake here, it’ll change the way you brew beer. Designer : ArtBrew Team Simply open the top panel to pull out the lids, there are MiniKegs where you can pour your ingredients. Follow the instructions from LCD screen to pour the correct amount of water and correct ingredients of your recipe

Yecup 365 Smart Mug Adjusts Its Temperature On-The-Go

Yecup 365 is a smart mug that can adjust the temperature of your beverage on-the-go. Do you still remember Ember mug? This type of mug has been designed for both hot and cold drinks, similar to Yecup 365, but this time, the mug is even smarter to accommodate your need. The company claims this is world’s first mug that can cool down or heat up your drink, anytime of the day. Fill the mug with your favorite drink, from coffee, tea, or sports drinks. With its accompanied app, you can use your smartphone to adjust the temperature, from hot, room temperature, to cold. Even when you left your smartphone at home, you can still use this mug, there are 2 buttons that can be used to cool, heat up, or shutdown Yecup. From : Yecup [ Pre-Order ] Yecup smart mug features double layer stainless steel body that connects to your mobile devices through Bluetooth technology. With Yecup app, you can adjust its temperature by swiping the screen, it’ll control the thermoelectric temperature regulati