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Miniature Calendar UpdateJapanese artist Tanaka Tatsuya creates... crss

The Missing Landscapes of  Nigel CoxNigel grew up on the edge of...

The Missing Landscapes of  Nigel Cox Nigel grew up on the edge of Dundalk, a small market town in Ireland. After graduating from school he chose to go to college in England. Partly because it seemed somehow more exciting than studying at home. After graduating from Riversdale College in Liverpool he joined the Transglobe Expedition , led by Sir Ranulph Fiennes . This three-year expedition successfully achieved the first circumnavigation of the globe on land, sea and ice via North and South poles along the Greenwich Meridian and changed his life forever. During the expedition he was at sea, on an ice cap or in some remote location for weeks or months on end. This had a profound affect and the essence of this experience  strongly influenced his painting. Thanks Supersonicart. Like us on Facebook and Twitter for more original art. Posted by Andrew

Animated illustrations by Tagtraum

Animated illustrations by Tagtraum

Animated illustrations by Tagtraum

Animated illustrations by  Tagtraum

Bead Skulls by Harrison Carter Watkins Harrison Carter...

Bead Skulls by Harrison Carter Watkins Harrison Carter Watkins  is an  Austin Texas based graphic designer, artist, visual effects, logos, and production enthusiast. Hi is covering animal skulls with thousands of seed beads, creating geometric patterns inspired by South American traditions. Want to keep up with art?  Check out our Twitter feed. posted by Margaret

 Journey in the Clouds, Shang ChengXiangThe artist is inspired...

 Journey in the Clouds,  Shang ChengXiang The artist is inspired and intrigued by his dreams; his paintings are often a mixture of memories of his dreams and pondering of his reality and things that are in between. The colorful cloud smoke in his “Cloud Path” series derive from the rainbow-color forest that once appeared in his dream; many drafts and attempts later, the artist couldn’t recreate the scene, the illusionary quality of dreams started to sink into Chengxiang’s mind. He compares this illusionary quality of dreams to the evaporating quality of cloud and smoke, both temporary and unobtainable. Starting to combine colors with clouds in his paintings, together with surreal and dream like images, Shang Chengxiang leads his audiences to a world of unexpected. Cross Connect Mag

Chico : Futuristic Retro Style Hover Bike by Chengtao Yi

Chico is a personal concept design to explore the form factor of a minimal futuristic vehicle without considering the limitation of reality. The form of cars today are going into a very weird period full of unnecessary lines and random sculptural surfaces that don’t make sense. They look cool and wild but forever lost their elegance. Chico is an attempt to search that elegance and friendliness on a machine. The whole design was inspired a lot by the retro automotive design from the 60s. Designer : Chengtao Yi Tuvie has received “Chico Hover Bike” project from our ‘ Submit A Design ‘ feature, where we welcome our readers to submit their design/concept for publication. Chico : Futuristic Retro Style Hover Bike by Chengtao Yi is originally posted on Tuvie - Modern Industrial Design

lesstalkmoreillustration: Eno Swinnen @mynameiseno

lesstalkmoreillustration : Eno Swinnen @mynameiseno

Shamanic Street Art by WercJari Werc Alvarez was born in Ciudad...

Shamanic Street Art by Werc Jari Werc Alvarez was born in Ciudad Juarez (1980), Mexico and grew up in Texas where he began his artistic career. Werc is clearly an art activist: He reinterprets and explores the balance and duality of our and identity and society. Subcultural symbols, magical artefacts, vibrant colors, confusion in shapes and hybrid figures of man and animal gives off a spiritual vibe. There is a domination of animality spreading into our psychological conflicts here: Are we not all shapeshifters? The duality is also cultural as Werc was living and creating at the Mexico-US border. Photo courtesy of the artist - Follow his tracks on Instagram Check our Twitter and Facebook for more original Art Selected by Very Private Art