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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

theartofanimation: Waneella     -    ...

theartofanimation : Waneella     -

Portrait Art by Vincent XeusBorn in China in 1981, Vincent Xeus...

Portrait Art by Vincent Xeus Born in China in 1981, Vincent Xeus now lives and works in America.  He is redefining the art of the portrait.  Anchored in classic portraiture, he works to push his materials and methods in new directions.  Find more of Vincent’s work on his Instagram  and .  Thanks to American Gallery 21st Century . More great artists on our Facebook Page .  Posted by Lisa .  

nonconcept: Up'n away.

nonconcept : Up'n away.

Orawan Arunrak: Interview with a GeniusThe Chromatic Watch sat...

Orawan Arunrak: Interview with a Genius The Chromatic Watch sat down with Orawan Arunrak last week, and she was kind enough to take us on a deep dive through her work and process. How did you develop your style? How do you feel your work has changed over time? My art is connected to my everyday life. I’ve never considered myself as someone who’s in search of “style.” But my surroundings and the contexts that evolve around them automatically come into play. And because of that, because I’m never in search of the style, nor does my work has its distinctiveness or a very identifiable identity, the audience might think my work is always changing. But in fact it’s only adapting to the context and content, or sometimes the message I’m trying to communicate. You work in many mediums—which is your favorite, and why? I usually start with the concept of my work first, then the medium comes later to support the idea. I also think about all the possibilities with that

WRENCHit – Interchangeable Wrenches in Ultra Sleek Form

WRENCHit is a portable, multi-functional spanner wrench in a compact form. The unique design allows you to cycle through different wrench sizes and shapes on-the-fly. The super sleek design (4mm thin) is encased in high grade stainless steel, it’s strong enough to handle large or small projects. WRENCHit can handle up to 5 different wrenches at once, thanks to 15 separate functions, it’s like having a tool box in your pocket. Simply slide those wrenches in and out very smoothly, the sleeve functions as a sturdy arm for torque to turn objects. Designer : mininch More images of WRENCHit: WRENCHit – Interchangeable Wrenches in Ultra Sleek Form is originally posted on Tuvie - Modern Industrial Design

T R A N   N G U Y E N … Is an award-winning illustrator...

T R A N   N G U Y E N … Is an award-winning illustrator and gallery artist.  Born in Vietnam and raised inthe States, she is fascinated with  creating visuals that can be used as a psycho-therapeutic support  vehicle, exploring the mind’s landscape. Her paintings are created with a  soft, delicate quality using colored pencil and acrylic on paper. Nguyen has worked for clients such as Playboy, Tor, McDonald’s, Chateau  St. Michelle Winery, and has showcased with galleries in California,  New York, Spain, and Italy. She is currently represented by Richard  Solomon and Thinkspace gallery. For more original art like us on Facebook   and Twitter Selected by Andrew

Purifi : Handheld Vacuum and Air Purifier In One

Purifi is a vacuum and air purifier in one. It fixes the inevitable problem of dust dispersal that occurs while vacuuming, and cleans the vacuum nozzle after use, all while recharging. While researching opportunities for the improvement of the handheld vacuum, two insights were unearthed. First, just like surfaces, the air harbors toxins and bacteria as well – but not only from human skin cells and dust. After vacuuming, when releasing dust into a trash can from a vacuum container, the dust is also released into the air. The second insight was the dissonance in that the vacuum nozzle is the dirtiest part of the vacuum, and yet it touches the surfaces you wish to clean. A vacuum should not just be a tool for cleaning; it should, itself, be clean. Through ideation, the combination of a hand vacuum and air purifier developed. They already share components: both contain fans, motors, switches, filters, vents, and batteries. Combining them will be more sustainable. Designer : Nicole Assin