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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Selected Works from The GIF Artists CollectiveThe GIF Artists...

Selected Works from The GIF Artists Collective The GIF Artists Collective holds a monthly GIF challenge for the GIF Artists of Tumblr. Previous themes include ‘Glitch’, ‘Stripes’, and ‘Spooky’. GIFs provided by: @michaelshillingburg , @wmill , @dodogifs , @abelmvada , @mildvibe69 , @29thfloor , @sasj , @nickvdg , and @pi-slices . Posted by Philip ‘Like’ Cross Connect on Facebook

Illustrations by Elena Pancorbobehance l tumblr

Illustrations by Elena Pancorbo behance l tumblr

Illustrations by Elena Pancorbobehance l tumblr 

Illustrations by  Elena Pancorbo behance l tumblr 

Messy Eaters, Ilka & FranzStop by our page for more posts!

Messy Eaters, Ilka & Franz Stop by our page for more posts!

Photomanipulations by Bryan VorelBryan Vorel is a graphic...

Photomanipulations by Bryan Vorel Bryan Vorel is a graphic designer and app and multimedia developer from Dallas, TX.  He is a member of the #Fantasy_Friday collaborative group on Instagram. Every other week they all edit the same photo, putting their own ideas of “fantasy” into the edit. The group’s goal is to experiment, have fun, and see how different people interpret the same image. Follow him for upcoming works also on  Twitter .  View similar posts  | selected by Margaret

Illustrations by Nicolás Castell

Illustrations by  Nicolás Castell

nonconcept: Delta Shelter, Washington by Olson Kundig...

nonconcept : Delta Shelter, Washington by Olson Kundig Architects .

Field of Light at the Foot of Uluru in Australia More than...

Field of Light at the Foot of Uluru in Australia More than 50,000 frosted-glass lights have transformed the Australian outback after being installed in an area the size of four football fields, as part of one artist’s 24-year-long dream to create a physical symbol of the good things in life. The mesmerising display of lights - which are solar powered and grow brighter as the daylight fades - was created by artist Bruce Munro , and is his largest piece of work to date. Lit-up pathways allow visitors to walk to the installation, which will come to live under the stars each night, for an entire year. See the previous post about his light installations . Receive art updates from our Twitter feed posted by Margaret

Contemporary Art from China’s Zeng FanzhiZeng Fanzhi (Chinese:...

Contemporary Art from China’s Zeng Fanzhi Zeng Fanzhi ( Chinese : 曾梵志; born 1964 in Wuhan , Hubei ) is a contemporary Chinese artist based in Beijing . From the earliest stages of his career, Zeng Fanzhi’s paintings have been marked by their emotional directness, the artist’s intuitive psychological sense, and his carefully calibrated expressionistic technique. China’s No,1 grossing artist. Like us on Facebook   Selected by Andrew