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ootocomic: “What it’s like in an introvert’s head.” Collab with...


What it’s like in an introvert’s head.” Collab with Mollie West for Quiet Rev. 

Illustrations by Richey BeckettRichey Beckett is an illustrator...

Illustrations by Richey Beckett

Richey Beckett is an illustrator based in South Wales, UK. Working predominantly in pen and ink, he has gained recognition for his intricately detailed record covers, movie posters, and screen printed artwork.

Beckett uses traditional pen and ink methods to create lavishly detailed pieces of black and white illustration. Taking influence from historic biblical, literary and natural history illustrators and engravers such as Doré, Durer, Audubon and Bewick, along with the decorative flair of Art Nouveau, he creates his own organic world which expands with each new piece.

Clients include: 
Metallica, Grateful Dead, Mastodon, Converge, Kvelertak, Baroness, Unearth, Trash Talk, New Found Glory, Sick Of It All, Mondo (Game Of Thrones/Lord Of The Rings/Army Of Darkness), All City Media (It Follows), Hero Complex Gallery/AMC (The Walking Dead), Silva Screen Records (The Wicker Man), New Republic Magazine, The British Film Institute.

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The Dreamlike Montage Photographs of Suzanne Moxhay, are like...

The Dreamlike Montage Photographs of Suzanne Moxhay, are like Surreal Stage Sets

“Moxhay has made work by building miniature “flats”, similar to early film sets, which are then incorporated as layers through various processes of digital manipulation. The resulting photos blend illusory and real space, leaving the viewer uncertain about scale or depth, which she says “appear to hover between the miniature and the epic”

Moxhay produces unsettling photographic work that occupies a middle ground between the staged picture, the tableau vivant, the dream like unreality of a film still and the hyper reality of reportage. This tension between a highly controlled artistic process and an end result that leaves the viewer with a narrative urge to understand and interpret the image they are confronted with is a trait shared with much contemporary art photography. H/T Aesthetica Magazine

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Paintings by Dan Kitchener Dan Kitchener is a professional...

Paintings by Dan Kitchener

Dan Kitchener is a professional mural artist, Illustrator, painter and animator. Having worked for some major clients, including Sir Paul McCartney, Kylie, Calvin Harris, Il Divo, Carlsberg, MTV, ITV, Ministry Of Sound to name a few, exhibited artwork all over the world and sold to a growing body of avid collectors from Australia, Japan, America, and all over Europe

I have always loved graffiti art my whole life, but only recently picked up a can. It’s a medium I have always wanted to master. I love the way you can produce such huge pieces, the way the colours blend, the painterly quality it can give. I think the scale aspect interests me most - the way I can do a small sketch and then do it 20 ft on a wall. Spray paint is really the only medium I can think of that allows you to draw on the way, almost using the wall as a huge sketch book. It’s such a cool thing sketching on that scale.

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crossconnectmag: Y.X.Chen is a 23 year old Chinese-born...


Y.X.Chen is a 23 year old Chinese-born illustrator from Perth, Western Australia. Her work is done with primarily traditional mediums such as fineliner, watercolour and gouache. Her work explores identity and self-expression through portraiture with elements of fashion, pop culture and surrealism.

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nonconcept: Inspiration: Summer 2016


Inspiration: Summer 2016