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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Combining nature, love & technology to make jewelryKasia...

Combining nature, love & technology to make jewelry Kasia Wisniewski’s love for nature, love and technology is apparent in the design of her beautiful and durable line of metal jewelry products produced using 3D printing technology. Kasia continues to forge a path for her innovative brand into the hearts and minds of consumers by utilizing leading production technology combined with an eye trained in couture methods and bespoke design, proving there is a such thing as being made by hand and machine. Collected Edition is on  Etsy . Posted by Chaz Mc.  | Find us on Twitter , Instagram & FB

Das große Jahreshoroskop - Laviva  The big annual horoscope -...

Das große Jahreshoroskop - Laviva  The big annual horoscope - Laviva Craft paperwork and Illustration from Eva Revolver Thanks Worclip Like us on Facebook and Twitter           Selected by Andrew

nonconcept: Inspiration: Summer 2016

nonconcept : Inspiration: Summer 2016

Irises by Marc QuinnMarc Quinn is an amazing artist. His work...

Irises by Marc Quinn Marc Quinn is an amazing artist. His work entitled irise includes  painting and sculptures.Marc explores the relationship between the physical presence of the eye and how they represented in art.   The iris is in a way our doorway to the world, it is the window we see out of and the doorway for light to enter and interact with our nervous system. They are like a leakage of the vivid interior world of the body to the monochrome world of the skin. Marc Quinn His works draw in the viewer to question how they perceive the image of a figure’s eye on canvas and in sculpture and how artists are able to create and represent a person through their eyes in art. You can see more of Marc Quinn’s work on his Instagram . Thanks to Contemporary Art Blog . What art do you like to look at? Find it on our Facebook Page . Posted by Lisa .

Home Sweet Home, Rubi LebovitchMy photographs deal with domestic...

Home Sweet Home,  Rubi Lebovitch My photographs deal with domestic scenes captured in straightforward images. The scenes can be divided in to two main categories: inanimate objects and human scenarios. Both categories are characterized by mystery, vagueness and absurdity. I create a twist in familiar sights and build new contexts, thus endowing the scene with new meaning. Mundane objects and domestic spaces are transformed into something strange and surprising. Like in surreal paintings, a new and impossible reality is created. At times, my photographs can be seen as an illusion of the Theatre of the Absurd, an illustration which takes place in the house. My images do not contain a clear-cut story or plot. The characters are inscrutable to the viewers and difficult to identify; their relationship with the world around them is senseless and they fail to communicate. Rationality is substituted by a twisted and exaggerated worldview. I employ multiplicity of objects, a

Paintings by Victor Wang Victor Wang is a Chinese American...

Paintings by Victor Wang Victor Wang is a Chinese American painter and a Professor living in Missouri, USA. My path through life has been adventurous, exciting, and dream-like. My experience of settling into America in search of better opportunities has been both challenging and inspiring. I use the human face as a vehicle to paint human experiences - worry and wonder, sadness and pleasure - which reflect the emotional stage directly tied to my immigration experiences. Like what you see? Follow Cross Connect for the gorgeous art! posted by Margaret

Eco Heater : Efficient Water Heating Device Concept for Rural Part of India

Eco Heater is concept water heating device that uses efficient energy sources designed for the rural part of India. 80% of rural population depend on the natural energy sources for their daily purposes because electricity is very limited period of time. Without electricity and changing climatic conditions of India, these people are forced to keep their energy sources in form of dry wood stems or cow dung cakes. Eco Heater device aims to increase efficiency of the boiling water process while reducing the loss of energy. From the interaction with the villagers of Loni (District-Pune, State-Maharashtra), it was observed that rural population mostly believe in sharing their resources and devices, which they think that strengthens their bonds. That’s why this device has been designed in a way that user can share it between families and friends. Designer : Pravin Ghodke Click above image for bigger view Eco Heater : Efficient Water Heating Device Concept for Rural Part of India i

1tb External Diskette 5.25 by ahhaproject

Do you consider the floppy disk era as good ol’ days? Well, not everyone would think that, but this project, 1tb External Diskette 5.25 wants to bring back those memories. Reminiscence of 5-1/4 floppy diskette. Sometimes, our staffs and I feel sad about that we might be the last generation who remember a floppy disk drive. Even, a word ‘diskette’ is going to be an obsoleted word. We remember a moment when we had copied a software from friend, and took really good care of each floppy disk for preventing from error occur. Over time, we might need more than 10,000 diskettes to contain a one program if technology of storage didn’t help us. The concept of this design is very clear. We do not want to forget retro stuffs and any good old design can be revived with modern technology. Also, Ahhaproject wants people to recall their good old days with our ‘1TB Diskette’. The design is concept works. Since ‘Ahhaproject’ is not a storage maker but a design agency, we just made an outer case and