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Futuristic IM Motors AIRO Electric Car with HEPA Filtering System and Configurable Interior

Portrait on the Fly by Christa Sommerer & Laurent...

Portrait on the Fly by Christa Sommerer & Laurent Mignonneau Laurent Mignonneau and Christa Sommerer are internationally renowned media artist and researcher and pioneers of interactive art. She studied botany and anthropology at the University of Vienna and sculpture at the University of Fine Arts Vienna. He studied video art at the Academy of Fine Arts Angouleme, France. They met at the Institute for Media run by media pioneer Peter Weibel in 1991. “Portrait on the Fly” consists of a series of interactive portraits and plotter drawings. The artist tandem modeled virtual insects that can align themselves so as to compose human portraits in real time. The interactive version consists of a monitor that shows a swarm of a few thousand houseflies. When a person positions him/herself in front of it, the insects try to detect his/her facial features and then begin to arrange themselves so as to reproduce them. They received numerous awards, one of the latest being the  ARCO

nonconcept: ☀

nonconcept : ☀

Art and Animated Artwork from SOB  ( art by Nikita Sobolev  )H/T...

Art and Animated Artwork from SOB  ( art by Nikita Sobolev  ) H/T eatsleepdraw Like us on Facebook and Twitter     Selected by Andrew

Illustrations by Stasia Burringtonwebsite l tumblr l shop

Illustrations by Stasia Burrington website l tumblr l shop