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The World is 9 - Photography by Aïda Muluneh Aïda Muluneh...

The World is 9 - Photography by Aïda Muluneh

Aïda Muluneh is a photographer from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. In 2000 she received a Bachelor of Arts degree in film, radio and television from Howard University in Washington, D.C. Aïda has received numerous prizes for her work, which has been exhibited world wide.  Aïda Muluneh’s  current exhibit is, “The World is 9″ and can be seen at the  David Krut Projects in NY, NY  Mar. 3rd – Apr. 16th 2016. Thanks to Artsy. Follow Aïda on Twitter

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The Fantasy Paintings of  Nick Fedaeff Inspiration can come from...

The Fantasy Paintings of  Nick Fedaeff 

Inspiration can come from many sources - dreams, observing life, other painters or the esoteric creative seed randomly appearing at will. All these rich sources of influence provide Nick Fedaeff with elements that he valiantly translates to canvas. The slightly disorienting, the hallucinatory quality of a dream, the element of surprise, the absurdity of life are cleverly layered into Nick’s work referencing Surrealism and the Old Masters of the Renaissance.

Thematically Nick interprets the relationships and interconnections between men and women and life and death adding humour as tool of engagement. The study of conscious and unconscious leaves the observer with the unsettling feeling that there is more to the stories than meets the eye.

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Reflections by neodecay

Reflections by neodecay

Unusual Sculptures by Mylinh NguyenMylinh Nguyen was born in...

Unusual Sculptures by Mylinh Nguyen

Mylinh Nguyen was born in 1982 in Brittany. Is a double graduate of Art Professions: DMA metal ENSAAMA Olivier de Serres, and DMA embroidery ESAA Duperré. She is an award winner for “The Intelligence of the Hand" exceptional talents of the Foundation Bettencourt in 2013. Artist working on atypical movement by leveraging and proof filming techniques on copper metals. 

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nonconcept: Inspiration: Summer 2016


Inspiration: Summer 2016

Panelak Project by Lassak Studio

Living in countries of Eastern Europe would make panel houses and residential areas become an important part of our memories. This fact has influenced lives of many generations and it brings bitter-sweet memories, which are transforming according to individual stories of every one of us. Panel houses as well as for the furniture design have become the inspiration for this project. From the outside, these houses look just the same, but behind windows, we live different lives in contrast to system of unified prefab buildings. Laššák studio has made collection of furniture dealing with this topic. This collection consists from dresser with three drawers, movable table, and wall lamp. The lamp simulates night view to prefab house with lights in windows that are irregularly lighting up and go out in time.

Designer : Lassak Studio

Panelak Project by Lassak Studio

Panelak Project by Lassak Studio

Panelak Project by Lassak Studio

Panelak Project by Lassak Studio

Panelak Project by Lassak Studio

Panelak Project by Lassak Studio

Panelak Project by Lassak Studio

Panelak Project by Lassak Studio

Tuvie has received Panelak project from our ‘Submit A Design‘ feature, where we welcome our readers to submit their design/concept for publication.

Panelak Project by Lassak Studio is originally posted on Tuvie - Modern Industrial Design

Best of Emmanuel Canaan PhotographyThis Tumblr features some of...

Best of Emmanuel Canaan Photography

This Tumblr features some of the best images that can be found at: 

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