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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Zoe KellerOregon artist Zoe Keller captures the natural world in...

Zoe Keller Oregon artist Zoe Keller captures the natural world in all its complex, delicate glory. Her work is like a secret window into the lives of grasslands, forests and hidden planes between reality and the supernatural. There is a sense of lushness and abundance to the animals, flowers, rocks and mushrooms she arranges across the page, almost like a bouquet. Other pieces carry an undertone of change and decay - the old dying to give rise to the new. Together with illustrator Christina Mrozik, Zoe created an amazing series of collaborative drawings titled Intricacies . Get out into the wild with Zoe on her Facebook , Tumblr and Instagram Need more art in your life? Check out our Facebook Page! | Posted by Falco

Illustrations by Mat Miller Mat Miller (featured previously) is...

Illustrations by Mat Miller Mat Miller   (featured previously)   is an illustrator and artist from the Bristol, UK, who creating dream-like, fanciful imagery based heavily on animals, made up creatures and the natural world. Mat uses a mixture of traditional and modern techniques to produce his work. Follow him on Tumblr:  @matmillerillustration . Our archive is the treasure chest. Just open it and you’ll see. posted by Margaret

Chamo SanSpanish artist, illustrator and designer Chamo San...

Chamo San Spanish artist, illustrator and designer Chamo San works in detailed ballpoint drawings and digital colors to create surreal female figures and striking poster designs. Oftentimes there’s an interesting play between his human subjects and their animal companions or beastly sides. His work has been exhibited in Europe as well as North and South America. Keep track of Chamo on his Twitter and Instagram Want to discover more great art? Check out our Facebook Page! | Posted by Falco

nonconcept: Inspiration: Summer 2016 nonconcept : Inspiration: Summer 2016

Illustrations by Julia Iredalewebsite l tumblr l instagram

Illustrations by Julia Iredale website l tumblr l instagram

The Extraordinary Real Photography of  Arno Rafael...

The Extraordinary Real Photography of  Arno Rafael Minkkinen Many of my photographs are difficult to make. Some can even be dangerous. I do not want to have someone else coming in harm’s way taking the risks I need to take: to lean out off a cliff or stay underwater for the sake of my picture. We control how much pain we can tolerate; such information is unknowable by anyone else. Some of my pictures might look simple, but in reality they can test the limits of what a human body is capable of or willing to risk. Thus I title them self-portraits, so the viewer knows who is in the picture and who took it.   This means no manipulation of any kind, no double exposures or overlapping negatives . Fortunately I began decades before Photoshop was invented. What you see happening in the frame of my image happened inside the viewfinder of my camera. It’s a line I wrote as a copywriter in an advertising agency in New York working on a camera account: What Happens Inside Your

RubyBike : Customizable Bike Concept to Adapt to Individual Cyclist Needs

RubyBike is Kasper Schwartz graduation project from Royal Danish Design School, Copenhagen. It’s a concept bike that offers new, flexible, and intelligent type of everyday bicycle. RubyBike stands out among other bikes due to its special integrated mounting system, allowing you quick and easy to mount different kinds of equipment, not to mention the ability to convert this conventional bike into an electric one. Due to its innovative mounting system, this bike can be adapted to individual cyclist needs who often changing their bike to make it more practical depending on different situations. RubyBike features compact and lightweight frame design, a display built into the foldable handlebar stem that can be integrated with a smartphone. The combination of these features creates an intelligent, dexterous, and future ready everyday bicycle. Designer : Kasper Schwartz RubyBike : Customizable Bike Concept to Adapt to Individual Cyclist Needs is originally posted on Tuvie - Mo