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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

New Marbled Paintings by Emma Lindström Through her...

New Marbled Paintings by Emma Lindström   Through her gorgeous   painting , Emma Lindström 26-year-old artist from Sweden creates a tangible representation of a feeling. To her, this feeling is floating and irrational, but always uplifting and full of hope one that can be experienced, but never formed into a thought. The conceptual basis for Lindström’s artwork lends itself to the sprawling, abstract compositions that she painstakingly labors over. Here, deep blues, light pinks, emerald greens, and other vibrant pigments converge into visual splendor, reminiscent of the rising sun over the sea. MyModernMet  spoke to Swedish artist about her work and practice. Check out an interview here . For more of Lindström’s work, follow her on Instagram  and visit her official website .  Make sure you’ve seen the previous post with Emmy’s work! Don’ t forget to tag #crossconnect in your tweets ! posted by Margaret   via

Spiro, Atale, Blekk, Frosom A summer street scene. Art prints,...

Spiro, Atale, Blekk, Frosom A summer street scene. Art prints, posters, postcards, notebooks, tote bags and suchlike are available now from  Redbubble  and  Society6 . Thank you for your submission        Submit here

Illustrations by ManatiiniSharon Zhang aka Manatiini is a...

Illustrations by  Manatiini Sharon Zhang aka   Manatiini  is a student and artist from the USA. When drawing digitally, she uses a Wacom Intuos4 and Photoshop CS6. My art consists of mostly scenic drawings and portraits. I am also willing to do certain fanart, depending on the context.  Follow her on Tumblr. Want to keep up with art?  Check out our Twitter feed. posted by Margaret

Alice in Wonderland by Benjamin Lacombewebsite l instagram l FB

Alice in Wonderland by Benjamin Lacombe website l instagram l FB

CF8 Motor Yacht : A 80m Future Concept Yacht for Cars and Family

CF8 Motor Yacht is a future concept yacht submitted by Sea Level Yacht Design & Engineering, the name itself stands for Cars and Family in 80 meters. People usually get inspired by seeing, hearing, or learning new footage, music and imagnery, even creativity can get inspired by new influences that would lead to new concepts. This new yacht is hoped to shape and give a glimpse vision of future yachting. This project aims to create a yacht that makes traveling around the world even faster and more enjoyable. It’s been envisioned by many experts that somewhere in not so distant future, wealthy people would be able to reach any spot in the world in just few hours. This means, it would be easier for them to visit their yacht for a few days together with friends and family no matter where the yacht is based. “We are yacht designers, creative professionals that feel comfortable in the yachting industry. We listen to clients, visualise their desires into images, we interact with broker

pikeys: Nicolas Jolly - Fingerprint

pikeys : Nicolas Jolly - Fingerprint

Instagram Classics from Serial KolorThe creative agency Serial...

Instagram Classics from Serial Kolor The creative agency Serial Kolor in Pakistan has created an Instagram classic. Taking old Greek Canvases Serial Kolor put them into Instagram with their own inscriptions and likes.  See the Serial Kolor Instagram HERE . Thanks to Fubiz . Keep up with all the new and classic art on our Twitter feed . Posted by Lisa