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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

siamesescalante: Galaxy Girls III! This is a very dear series...

siamesescalante : Galaxy Girls III! This is a very dear series of mine. I’ve been doing it since I started doing art and it’s a fun way for me to see how my art evolves doing the same subject over and over! Mixed media and shinies on paper



Maria SurkovaThe sinuous inks of Russian artist and illustrator...

Maria Surkova The sinuous inks of Russian artist and illustrator Maria Surkova portray wise women accompanied by mythical, sometimes grotesque animal familiars. No matter how disgusting these zombie elk, fish and wolves may seem, they guard their human allies ferociously. Maria’s women, in turn, appear to be a part of nature and the cycle of death and rebirth, carrying an ancient strength in their eyes. They are not afraid - they tame wild horses effortlessly, take care of wounded predators, and live alongside their animal companions in peace. Keep up with Maria on her Behance account Like us on Facebook   |  Posted by Falco

Illustrations by Daryl Feril

Illustrations by Daryl Feril

Concept Art by Clement Dartigues Clement Dartigues is a talented...

Concept Art by Clement Dartigues Clement Dartigues is a talented concept and CG artist from Paris, France. He currently working as Lead Concept Artist on Cartoon Network Tv series at STUDIO HARI. Be sure to check out his page on  artstation Become a treasure hunter. Check out our archive. posted by Margaret

Veronique MeignaudCanadian multimedia artist Veronique Meignaud...

Veronique Meignaud Canadian multimedia artist Veronique Meignaud beautifully merges her soft, painterly digital techniques with a variety of graphic elements. Her use of colors is oftentimes vibrant, airy and psychedelic, depicting a wide array of mysterious, feminine figures and gigantic hybrids between creatures, buildings and dissolving landscapes. Veronique’s diverse portfolio consists of digital and traditional illustration, motion graphics, game concept art and visual development. Keep up with Veronique on her Tumblr and Facebook Like us on Facebook   |  Post by Falco

Alvarado Yacht Re-interprets Modern Explorer Yacht

Alvarado yacht project has been conceived with goal to improve a specific type of boat: the explorer. An explorer yacht, according to designers, is the best type of motor yacht to achieve targets assigned: hull forms define a displacement hull in the best way, creating larger interiors improving comfort and allow a better azimutal propulsion arrangement. While these targets were relatively easy to achieve for an explorer, the main goal has been able to reinterpret in the futuristic key the concept of explorer, not being born recently. To innovate, it features a union of curve and broken lines, sinuous and pungent forms. In addition to the modern look, large windows are installed, and minimal interior design. The yacht has been designed for near future: it is based on the current level of technology and it could be seen sailing oceans in the next 2-3 years. Designers : Antonino Muto, Alberto Franchi, Marco Ferrari, Marco Camotti, and Tommaso Fortuna Dimension: Length overa

January Roundup of DataViz News

January Roundup of DataViz News


nonconcept: Inspiring sculptures by Joshua Harker.

nonconcept : Inspiring sculptures by Joshua Harker .

Nissan Teatro For Dayz Concept Car for “Share Natives” Generation

A cool concept car comes from Nissan has been introduced at 2015 Tokyo Motor Show, Teatro for Dayz . It’s a combination of mobile technologies unlike you’ve seen in any other cars, thanks to Nissan’s EV technology, this car introduces a radical new way of thinking on how we ride our vehicles. It’s a vehicle, it’s a high tech device, or you can also call it the lifestyle driver of the future. This is the first car designed specifically dedicated to the generation known as “share natives”, this is the generation that addicted to the universe of mobile devices. Many of them feel that driving is stressful because they can only share their current experience with other people in the car, Nissan offers out-of-the-box concept that might defy convention and reject any restrictions. From : Nissan Satoshi Tai, Executive Design Director, explains that designing a car to appeal this specific generation would need us to intentionally not use knowledge and tried-and-true approaches they had k