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Paintings by Shang ChengxiangShang Chengxiang’s (born 1985) work...

Paintings by Shang Chengxiang

Shang Chengxiang’s (born 1985) work digs into the deep psychic of a human being, revealing the anxiety, fear, and fantasy of unconsciousness. Dream plays a crucial role in his works.  The artist is inspired and intrigued by his dreams, his paintings are often a mixture of his memory of his dreams and his pondering of his reality and things that are in between. The colorful cloud/ smoke in his “Cloud Path” series derive from the rainbow-color forest that once appeared in his dream, many drafts and attempts later, the artist couldn’t recreate the scene in his dreams, the illusionary quality of dreams started to sink into Chengxiang’s mind. He compares this illusionary quality of dreams to the evaporating quality of cloud and smoke, both temporary and unobtainable. He started to combine colors with clouds in his paintings, together with surreal and dream like images, Shang Chengxiang leads his audiences into the world of unexpected. Follow him on Facebook.

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Illustrations by Katerina Nikolovska

Illustrations by Katerina Nikolovska

Paintings by Rob ReyOriginally from a suburb north of Chicago,...

Paintings by Rob Rey

Originally from a suburb north of Chicago, Rob Rey hiked across New England on the Appalachian Trail before going on to study at the Rhode Island School of Design, graduating there with a BFA in Illustration. Rob continues to reside in Providence, Rhode Island.

While his foremost passion is for learning of any kind, Rob’s interests are frequently peaked by both natural sciences like astronomy and physics as well as social sciences like psychology and sociology. These interests commonly influence his work, as do a multitude of inspiring artists from classical art to golden age illustration and contemporary representational art. 

Through his love affair with the medium of oil paint, he strives to make pictures that are not only beautiful but thought to provoke as well. Careful attention to edges and working “wet into wet” are important to getting the look Rob loves most, but above all, he feels that a successful painting must convey emotion in order to connect with the viewer in a lasting way. His TwitterInstagram and Tumblr.

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Beautiful graphite illustrations from artist David Alvarez...

Beautiful graphite illustrations from artist David Alvarez

David Álvarez produces soft illustrations that seem to glow despite their often limited color palette of black and white. The graphite scenes depict animals either interacting with or as humans, often donning elaborate garments while engaged in activities such as dancing or reading books. You can explore more of Álvarez’s illustrations on his Instagram and blog.

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really-shit: One of those days… Marie SpénaleFollow my blog for...


One of those days… Marie Spénale

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Futuristic Clean Clear Faucet Concept With Digital Microscope and Project Technology

Even though bacteria coexist with human being, unfortunately, they also cause the death of more than 500 millions people each year. There’s got to be a better way to fight germs, bacteria, and virus infection. Clean Clear is a concept faucet designed in an attempt to fight those germs by washing our hands often. This cool faucet integrates digital microscope and project technology where user can see the bacteria quality and condition of both hands on transparent screen while they’re washing hands. During the hand-washing process, bacteria die down, and the process is displayed on the screen. This unit helps you to understand the importance of sanitation, it also provides you with good feeling knowing bacteria and germs are eliminated from your hands.

Designers : Hui-Chuan Ma, Yan-Jang Cheng, and Mu-Chern Fong

Futuristic Clean Clear Faucet Concept by Hui-Chuan Ma, Yan-Jang Cheng, and Mu-Chern Fong

Futuristic Clean Clear Faucet Concept by Hui-Chuan Ma, Yan-Jang Cheng, and Mu-Chern Fong

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Another Human Barbie Doll from Brazil (9 pics)

23 year-old Brazilian girl Andressa Damiani denies having a plastic surgery to achieve this "human Barbie" look. She claims that these doll-like features are real. She has a 20 inch (50 cm) waist, a 32F bra size and she wears contact lenses to have a 'blank stare.' Even though some people think she looks scary, others think she resembles a famous "Frozen" character Elsa.

Illustrations by Bartosz Kosowski Bartosz Kosowski is an...

Illustrations by Bartosz Kosowski

Bartosz Kosowski is an illustrator, a graduate of English philology at the University of Wrocław and the Faculty of Graphics of the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź. Currently, he runs the one-man Blackbirds Illustration studio, where he creates mainly portraits and press illustrations.  At the end of 2014, Kosowski’s illustrations were awarded three gold medals presented by American graphic design experts.

Kosowski is one of those artists who is more recognized and acknowledged abroad than in his own country. The graphic designer and English philologist have been cooperating for years with prestigious periodicals from all over the world, including The New Yorker, The New Republic and Perspective.

Yet, Kosowski has so far never been awarded in Poland, nor has he made it into any Polish illustration exhibitions. Let’s hope that his American successes will finally raise interest in his works here at home.

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