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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Bill Has a Few Important Life Lessons for Everyone Using Facebook Today (16 pics)

Magnificent Geometric Snow Art by Simon BeckFor the past decade,...

Magnificent Geometric Snow Art by Simon Beck For the past decade, Simon Beck has been decorating the mountains with his stunning mathematical drawings, created by running in snowshoes across the freshly laid snow. Each image takes him up to 11 hours to make and covers an area about 100m x 100m, requiring him to travel up to 25 miles as he marks out the pattern.  Beck produces about 30 snow drawings every winter in the northern hemisphere, mostly in the Alps. He started 10 years ago doing it for fun and now it is his main occupation. “ When you have a blank piece of paper you draw on it, ” he says. “So drawing on a blank snowfall seemed like a natural thing to do”. You can learn about the fine details of his process in this FAQ and see additional photos over on Facebook . He also published a book of his work titled  Simon Beck: Snow Art .  Become a treasure hunter. Check out our archive. posted by Margaret   via

yatzer: Take me to Church: Street Artist Covers Spanish ‘Skate...

yatzer : Take me to Church: Street Artist Covers Spanish ‘Skate Temple’ with Murals

nonconcept: Inspiring sculptures by Joshua Harker.

nonconcept : Inspiring sculptures by Joshua Harker .

Hello , my name is Michel Malagueta. I’m illustrator and live in...

Hello , my name is Michel Malagueta . I’m illustrator and live in Sao Paulo Brazil . I hope you enjoy my work and to share. Thank you! Thank you for your submission !   Submit Here

crossconnectmag: Acrylic Cube Art by Andrew Myers In Andrew...

crossconnectmag : Acrylic Cube Art by Andrew Myers In Andrew Myers’ attempt to push the boundaries of art and get out of his comfort zone, he has created a new form of art that he calls “cube art”.  The concept was to take thousands of pixels and create a three dimensional sculpture by combining them at different heights and depths.  The end result is a stunning, hanging sculpture that when viewed up close shows no promise of being any specific image.  However, as you step back, the cubes start aligning to create the intended image with stunning clarity. With over 1200 cubes and 800 yards of stainless steel wire, the arduous task takes months to complete.  Each cube is hand painted on the back with a different color that is mixed in our studio.  Andrew believes that this new art form has no boundaries as far as size and complexity are concerned, and we look forward to the future of cube art. Browse Cross Connect Mag | Posted by Chaz Accidentally deleted this post from

United Nude Lo Res Concept Car Is The Result of Lowering 3D Resolution of Lamborghini Countach

One of reasons United Nude won a 2016 Wallpaper Design Award was ignoring all standard rules of car design. United Nude Lo Res Concept Car is one of United Nude Lo Res project that started few years ago, it has become an important signature of the brand. The method used here is based on the principle of re-designing the same object in a series. By lowering the 3D resolution, it results in a more fragmented and abstract design, each step of the way. The shape of this concept car came from lowering the 3D resolution of the iconic Lamborghini Countach designed by Marcello Gandini from early 70s. Lo Res car is completely a design experiment, it’s totally not your conventional car. The abstract appearance makes it look like a moving sculpture. Designer : United Nude United Nude Lo Res Concept Car is a two-seater vehicle with passenger sitting behind the driver. It features polygonal shaped body constructed with polycarbonate to surround the passengers just like a transparent capsule