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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Striking Self-Portraits Replace One Eye with an Animal’s by...

Striking Self-Portraits Replace One Eye with an Animal’s by Flora Borsi Hungarian photographer Flóra Borsi   has made a name for herself with exceedingly clever photo manipulations. Like her imaginative Photoshop In Real Life, she’s turned the lens on herself this time for a series of portraits that replace one of her eyes with that of an animal. She calls it Animeyed . In each image Borsi pairs herself perfectly with her chosen animal, changing her appearance to match its features and behavior. The alignment of the animal’s eye over hers is so perfect it’s easy to see both faces in one glance. For more check out her Facebook  &  Instagram . Want to keep up with art?  Check out our Twitter feed. posted by Margaret

Illustrations by Shelia Liu

Illustrations by Shelia Liu

Illustrations by PinkParasol (Annie Stegg)

Illustrations by PinkParasol (Annie Stegg)

Illustrations by Paula BonetPaula Bonet, born 1980 in...

Illustrations by  Paula Bonet Paula Bonet , born 1980 in Vila-real, an Eastern city of Spain, is a book illustrator and urban mural painter. She became famous mainly because of the illustrations she began doing in 2009, she has hundred of thousands of followers in social networks. Paula is a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Polytechnic University of Valencia, she completed his training in Santiago, Chile, New York and Urbino, Italy / via wikipedia. Follow Paula on Twitter  & Instagram to keep up to date with her new work.  Meet us on Facebook and Twitter posted by Margaret    via

Queen of Many Looks - Phi Phi O’HaraThe artist known as Phi Phi...

Queen of Many Looks - Phi Phi O’Hara The artist known as Phi Phi O’Hara has embarked on a bold artistic mission - 365 days of drag.  All of Phi Phi’s looks will be on Instagram. Every look is unique and carefully crafted.   Phi Phi creates all of the makeup and costumes herself.  From Phi Phi’s Instagram Page: Come back everyday to see what fun look I have done that day. Never stop pushing yourself to the limit! #TheYearOfPheefs! Lol Phi Phi O’Hara Phi Phi even does her own photography.  It will be amazing to watch this year in drag! A range of artists challenge themselves everyday on our Facebook Page . Posted by Lisa .

Bevel Electric Trimmer Features Faceted Body for Better Grip

Electric trimmer design doesn’t get updated often, it stays just like that for decades. This time, Bevel aims to revolutionize this device by releasing a smooth, ergonomic designed electric trimmer. The cordless design allows you to enjoy the freedom of movement, you don’t have to sacrifice power and precision. Bevel Trimmer offers the same cutting power with or without the cord, you’ll love it whether you are at the shop or on-the-go. Once fully charged, you can enjoy 4 hours of full power, there’s a LED charge indicator that lets you know it’s time to recharge. With conventional trimmer, residue from hair and skin can build up on the surface of the blades, thus, leading to bumps and irritation. This is not the case with Bevel, the blades repel oil and water, minimizing residue that can build up over time, and easy to clean. Designer : Bevel Bevel Electric Trimmer has been designed with perfectly weighted body that strikes balance between security and maneuverability. That facet

Soviet War Paintings (347 Pics)