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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

© Laura Hacking 2016.

© Laura Hacking 2016. 500px : Facebook : Flickr : Instagram : Twitter : Tumblr : Website Thank you for your submission

Princess Mononoke by muju

Princess Mononoke by muju

Street Artist: El MacMiles “Mac” McGregor aka El Mac was born...

Street Artist: El Mac Miles “Mac” McGregor aka  El Mac  was born in Los Angeles in 1980 and  has been creating and studying art independently since childhood. He was inspired at a young age by classic European painters such as Caravaggio and Vermeer, and Art Nouveau symbolists such as Klimt and Mucha. This was mixed with the more contemporary influences of graffiti and photorealism, as well as the Chicano & Mexican culture he grew up around. El Mac began painting with acrylics and painting graffiti in the mid ’90s, when his primary focus became the lifelike rendering of human faces and figures. He has since worked consistently towards developing his unique rendering style, which utilizes repeating contour lines reminiscent of ripples, turing patterns and indigenous North American art. Mac continues to balance his love of painting large-scale public artworks around the world with his meticulous and time-consuming creation of indoor works. He aims to uplift an


Off to L.A. for a bit#photography

Off to L.A. for a bit #photography

Illustrations by Ceci Lam

Illustrations by Ceci Lam

Nikolay Polissky Creates Towering, Handcrafted Structures Across...

Nikolay Polissky Creates Towering, Handcrafted Structures Across Russia     Born in 1957 in Moscow , artist Nikolay Polissky creates impressive, handcrafted structures in the middle of Russia’s vast landscapes. Mostly carried out in the town of Nikola Lenivets – located 200 km from the Russian capital –  his works are built entirely by the area’s residents, using local materials, such as branches, trunks and wooden tables. Traditional construction techniques are used as a starting point for the projects. His work is inspiring not only because of its imposing form, but also because he managed to re-activate a semi-abandoned village through art and architecture, involving residents in the creative process and transforming the region into a sort of open cultural center. Since 2003, his work has been part of Archstoyanie , the largest Land-Art festival in Russia. Thanks Spencer Byles Like more art on Facebook      Posted by Andrew

Origin 575 and Xplore 70 Trimaran Expedition Yachts for Adventurous Owner

Nigel Irens Design (NID) and CMN Shipyard have teamed up with Christophe Chedal-Anglay (CCA), French designer, to design a pair of trimaran expedition yachts: Origin 575 and Xplore 70 . These explorer yachts offer you ultimate experience, especially for adventurous owner. It features comfort, speed, and great ocean crossing capability, this trimaran configuration has been designed to be more efficient than a conventional monohull at a given speed. In this way, this yacht offers great improvement in fuel consumption and range, not to mention exceptional level of comfort. These yachts can reach a top speed of 28 knots and a range between 4,000 to 5,000 nautical miles at 18 knots. Designers : Nigel Iren Designs , CMN shipyard, and Christophe Chedal-Anglay (CCA) Origin 575 Trimaran Expedition Yacht Origin 575 Trimaran Expedition Yacht Designed to be traveling machines, these yachts want to make your dream come true by combining explorer facilities with stylish, understated interio

thecrazytowncomics: The Meaning Of Life

thecrazytowncomics : The Meaning Of Life

crossconnectmag: YoonJin Jo: Celebrity Portraits in Box...

crossconnectmag : YoonJin Jo: Celebrity Portraits in Box Tape Yoonjin Jo (조윤진) is a prolific Korean artist in Seoul, who creates portraits of famous actors, artists & musicians by sticking pieces of colored packing tape to wood. She actually studied painting at Sungshin Women’s University before working with rolls of tape. | Previous Post Stick with Cross Connect on Facebook Posted by Yellowmenace

crossconnectmag: Shanghai-born Yang Yongliang  From an early...

crossconnectmag : Shanghai-born  Yang Yongliang   From an early age he was taught Chinese traditional painting, calligraphy and various art forms for ten years by Yang Yang who was a professor at Hong Kong Chinese University. Set up his own studio with friends in 2014, took role of Art Director in the studio. Currently lives and works in Shanghai. Follow us on Twitter for updates!