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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Illustrations by Ekaterinya Vladinakova

Illustrations by  Ekaterinya Vladinakova

Night with a View by Christian Schloe

Night with a View by  Christian Schloe

Playroom by Christian Schloe

Playroom by  Christian Schloe

Paintings by Sean Landers Sean Landers is an American artist...

Paintings by Sean Landers Sean Landers is an American artist born 1962 in Springfield and raised in Palmer Massachusetts. He is best known for using his personal experience as public subject matter and for utilizing diverse styles and media in a performative manner. Through the use of painting, sculpture, photography, drawing, writing, video and audio, regardless of the medium he chooses, he reveals the process of artistic creation through humor and confession, gravity and pathos. He lives and works in New York City and is represented by Friedrich Petzel Gallery in NYC, International Art Objects in Los Angeles, Greengrassi in London, Taka Ishii Gallery in Tokyo and Galerie Rodolphe Janssen in Brussels    via wikipedia Become a treasure hunter. Check out our archive. posted by Margaret

urbsetcivitas: Silenzi Thank you for your submission  ...

urbsetcivitas : Silenzi Thank you for your submission   Francesco Sammarco

Drawings by Kiko CapileKiko Capile aka KikoMachine is an...

Drawings by Kiko Capile Kiko Capile aka KikoMachine  is an illustrator from Manila, Philippines. For more check out his  Flickr  profile. thanks  taxidermyheart Want to keep up with art?  Check out our Twitter feed. posted by Margaret

Illustrations by Iyan de Jesus dA l tumblr

Illustrations by Iyan de Jesus dA l tumblr

Paul Lehr Masterworks of the Dream Realms Paul Lehr...

Paul Lehr Masterworks of the Dream Realms Paul Lehr (1930-1998) is one of the greatest future-fantasist painters of the post-pulp era. He was very prolific and produced a large body of work of remarkable intensity and consistent high quality. In the late-80s and 90s, after paperback publishers had lost interest in putting beautifully weird covers on their books, Lehr turned his attention to painting epic and highly detailed dream landscapes.   Txt Via Like us on Facebook    Posted by Andrew

Trapéze Kettle by Fraser Leid

In order to promote efficiency by expanding an electric kettle lifespan, Trapéze Kettle has been designed to show you how reduction could be a viable solution for future products. This concept kettle strips away the design principals of modern electric kettles, eliminating the extent of manufacturing process behind it. The designer wants to establish a simple interpretation, staying closer to traditional kettles by incorporating higher quality build materials and easier to understand aesthetic. The most unique feature of the kettle is the open trapezoidal shape, the handle is directly inline with one of the kettles leading edges that act as its pouring lip. Just like conventional kettle, the open top is where the kettle can be filled but also visually promotes the disposal of stale water and cleaning the interior more often. Designer : Fraser Leid The body is constructed out of a single sheet of folded aluminum with a reinforced underside. The interior is coated with stainless st

Shanghai-born Yang Yongliang From an early age he was taught...

Shanghai-born  Yang Yongliang   From an early age he was taught Chinese traditional painting, calligraphy and various art forms for ten years by Yang Yang who was a professor at Hong Kong Chinese University. Set up his own studio with friends in 2014, took role of Art Director in the studio. Currently lives and works in Shanghai. Follow us on Twitter for updates!