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spidermoneyart: Star Wars: The Stormtrooper by @spidermoneyart


Star Wars: The Stormtrooper by @spidermoneyart

crossconnectmag: Vintage Photographs Reworked by David...


Vintage Photographs Reworked by David Lyle

David Lyle was born in Okinawa in 1971, Japan. He earned a B.A. in studio painting from the College of Creative Studies at the University of California at Santa Barbara. David acts as both curator and painter, sifting through a vast array of lost snapshots from the ‘50s, ‘60s and ‘70s found at thrift stores, garage sales, flea markets and eBay auctions. 

His oil on panel paintings mimic their found-photo authenticity, achieving a sense of nostalgia, memories and time passed. There is a harmonious blend of both curator and painter in Lyle that allows him to create a formidable sense of familiarity with his interesting subjects. His paintings are compelling because he selects a wide array of images with dense and varied themes. He chooses purely American moments for our psyches to reflect upon. via

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crossconnectmag: Punctures by Peta Clancy Peta Clancy...


Punctures by Peta Clancy

Peta Clancy explores the dimensions of photography in her solo exhibition Puncture. She will present a new suite of 4 large-scale intimate self-portraits that explore the transformative, fragile and resilient qualities of paper.

Using a fine needle the artist carefully applies thousands of tiny pinpricks through the surface of photographic paper. These markings rupture the surface of the photographic print and form beautiful embroidered patterns that are visible on the surface of the paper. (KNSTRCT)

Enjoy more of her work here

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crossconnectmag: Kibby K is a photographer based out of...


Kibby K is a photographer based out of Toronto, Canada. 

Judith Bustamante, Brigitte Bertrand & Kellie Augusta photographed for Astound Magazine by Kibby. Follow Kibby on TumblrInstagram 

Los Angeles, California September, 2015

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