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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Paintings by Jeremy MirandaJeremy Miranda born 1980 in Newport,...

Paintings by  Jeremy Miranda Jeremy Miranda  born 1980 in Newport, RI is a painter based in the Seacoast area of New Hampshire. His work ranges from loosely painted narratives on paper to more heavily worked, atmospheric compositions on canvas.  He is interested in the landscape and how people control, fetishize and dwell with in it. Follow him on Instagram . Some of his most popular images are also available as prints .    via Spice up your timeline by following us on Facebook ! posted by Margaret

Polaroids That Never Existed by Julien PacaudJulien Pacaud (see...

Polaroids That Never Existed by Julien Pacaud Julien Pacaud (see previous post) is a French artist and illustrator from Paris. Stay up to date with artist work on Flickr and Facebook . Let’s make # CrossConnect the most popular hashtag on Twitter ! posted by Margaret

glitchartistscollective: After School - Alex Wloch / Mixtapes...

glitchartistscollective : After School - Alex Wloch / Mixtapes Are Spiritual Things

Where The USA Gets Its Oil

Where The USA Gets Its Oil

The Illustrations of Daniel Jamie WilliamsI’m an...

The Illustrations of Daniel Jamie Williams I’m an illustrator based in London.I mix traditional and digital techniques; mostly pencil and digital software. I enjoy making narrative pieces which sometimes take the form of short books or zines as well as editorial and poster illustration. My work has been recognised/awarded by D&AD, The Cheltenham Illustration Awards and Derwent Pencils. I take part in exhibitions and markets across London, often with the collective Hero Of Switzerland.To contact me for illustration work, commissions or just for any queries or messages please get in touch via email @ danieljamiewilliams@g Tumblr Like us on Facebook     Posted by Andrew

nonconcept: Villa Kerckebosch, Zeist, The Netherlands by Engel...

nonconcept : Villa Kerckebosch, Zeist, The Netherlands by Engel Architects . (Photography: Marcel Van Der Burg )

Exosuit : Future Ocean Exploration Suit by Nuytco Research

Exosuit is the next generation of ocean exploration suit, designed and developed by Nuytco Research. This hard metal diva suit allows divers to safely operate down to a depth of 1000 feet with high flexibility and exceptional dexterity to perform delicate work. It is equipped with innovative technology of Exosuit Atmospheric Diving System (ADS) that maintains a cabin pressure of the surface while still allowing the suit to bend thanks to its unique rotary joint that is invented by Dr. Phil Nuytten. Designer : Nuytco Research At first sight, yes, it looks more like a spacesuit than a diving suit, but the advanced design comes with operational capabilities that are far exceeding present day undersea technologies. This futuristic suit is fully certified submarine in the shape of human being, it has its own life support that can sustain an operator for up to 50 hours. Equipped with fiber-optic tether that supplies full network capability between the Exosuit operator and the surface.

This Dog Is Living the Dream (20 pics)

Theron Humphrey is a wildlife photographer who takes his dog Maddie along with him on many adventures. These photos show their time together on the road and most people would be envious of all the fun that they are having!