Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Lost In Wonder by Trina Merry Artist Trina Merry traveled to...

Lost In Wonder by Trina Merry 

Artist Trina Merry traveled to some of the most magnificent architectural landmarks created by humankind the wonders of the world. in the midst of selfie stick-wielding travelers, merry examines the impact of western tourism on these fragile and sacred spaces, and the way human memory making has changed their appearance and role. she and her model traveled to each site to observe the architecture, decay and energy of the people, alongside the effects of tourism on the sites. finally, merry returned with her subject to create the work over a period of 1-3 hours onsite, establishing and giving energy to each ‘wonderful’ place.

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Miniature Glass Wonderlands by Jenny Ayrton Artist Jenny...

Miniature Glass Wonderlands by Jenny Ayrton

Artist Jenny Ayrton creates tiny wonderlands of everyday life in molten glass blocks. Most of the scenes feature cozy home life and are influenced by Ayrton’s surroundings. To create the pieces, she builds tiny wire and metal mesh models of the scenery that are then encased between two layers of hot glass. After the glass has cooled, she grinds the base and makes some final polishing touches.

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mervets: vjeranski: Niko Edwards Me after work..



Niko Edwards

Me after work..

redlipstickresurrected: Lucas Zimmermann (German, b. Landau,...


Lucas Zimmermann (German, b. Landau, Germany) - Misty Traffic Lights in the fog in Weimar, Germany, 2013   Photography

The Homeless Have Created Their Own Tent City In Arizona (35 pics)

In Las Cruces, New Mexico there's a tent city where at least 50 homeless people are currently living. It is a safe place for the people to rest but many cities are trying to have places like this banned so that the homeless don't disturb the other residents.