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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Drawings by Wojtek Kowalczyk Wojtek Kowalczyk was born in 1960...

Drawings by Wojtek Kowalczyk Wojtek Kowalczyk was born in 1960 in Krakow, Poland. In 1986 he graduated from the Faculty of Architecture. Since then he has been pursuing a career of an artist. The main idea of Wojtek Kowalczyk’s drawings is to show the world of his art in constant change, in an almost theatrical setting. His sometimes surrealist and sometimes very real presentation of the subject is shown in a never-ending process of transition.  New costumes are being put on, new personae come into focus, while other fade away in the distance. Things and persons change into new entities. It is the world which evolves. It is rich in detail, narrative and executed with a mastery that deserves time on the part of the viewer to explore his message: sometimes a witty observation about the world, sometimes a metaphor, often an allusion to mythology, literature, and works of other artists   via Our Facebook . Note: The page is addictive! posted by Margaret

Illustrations by Tomer Hanuka Tomer Hanuka born 1974 is an...

Illustrations by Tomer Hanuka Tomer Hanuka born 1974 is an award-winning illustrator and a comics artist from Israel.  At age twenty-two, Hanuka moved to NYC. Following his graduation from the School of Visual Arts, he quickly became a regular contributor to many national magazines. His clients include Time Magazine , The New Yorker , Spin , The New York Times , Rolling Stone , MTV, and Saatchi & Saatchi. He is the winner of multiple medals from the Society of Illustrators and the Society of Publication Designers as well as American Illustration and Print magazine. via &  via CrossConnectMag on Facebook - a place that is definitely worth a visit! posted by Margaret

Illustrations by CrawwSelf taught artist and habitual doodler,...

Illustrations by Craww Self taught artist and habitual doodler, Craww lives and works in Sheffield, UK drawing inspiration from daydreams, music, comics, nature, gin and an overactive imagination, His work is a stream of consciousness ramble through the woods, uncovering secret stories and ambiguous connections, it’s direction influenced as much by accident and a short attention span as design. It is a world populated with skulls, crows and melancholic girls embraced by flowing lines and natural forms. He enjoys seeing his creations taking on a life of their own as their world is realized with a mixture of elegance, balance and disciplined chaos, using oils, acrylic, graphite, charcoal, ink and whatever else is at hand. With successful shows in the UK and US, he has found collectors and fans around the world. Art is the only way to run away without leaving home - run with us . posted by Margaret

nonconcept: LUNA - live by the light of the moon. (Indiegogo)

nonconcept : LUNA - live by the light of the moon. ( Indiegogo )

Camping Kit for B-Segment Vehicles by Irene Tzavara

Irene Tzavara has submitted her project as part of her study at the Department of Product and System Design and Engineering. It’s a camping kit that can be easily transported from one place to another in a compact form. You can read her explanations below. In order to complete my studies at the Department of Product and System Design and Engineering (University of the Aegean) I conducted a study for the design of a Product/System that supports the organization and transport of camping equipment in B-Segment or larger vehicles. The final product supports the camping equipment for 2-3 persons and it can be transported and placed easily from the vehicle to the campsite and vice versa. There is no need for additional modifications and adjustment of the product to fit in the different categories of vehicles, while according to the needs of the users and the vehicles’ capacity, more than one camping equipment kit can be placed in the luggage space of the car. Designer : Irene Tzavara