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Auroras in Photography by Neil ZellerWhile Calgary,...

Auroras in Photography by Neil Zeller

While Calgary, Canada-based photographer Neil Zeller has photographed everything from cityscapes to remote mountains to corporate events, his heart ultimately belongs to the night sky and its myriad of breathtaking wonders. Twinkling stars, bright hints of the Milky Way, and the otherworldly glow of auroras stretch above silhouetted landscapes and manmade landmarks in his stunning images. With a fresh and spectacular view of the northern lights in each photo, Zeller’s shots are dazzling reminders of the beauty and mysteries of the cosmos. 

Photography is where I cleanse my spirit, nourish my soul and am truly happy. I see the world around me in 4×6 boxes. My eyes capture wide angles, interesting corners, beams of light and faraway things. My goal is to capture in my camera, the story my eyes could never tell you.

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The Monster Project 2015 The Monster Project is the...

The Monster Project 2015

The Monster Project is the undertaking of a passionate collection of artists (illustrators, designers, watercolorists, metalworkers, etc.) who share a common goal: to help children recognize the power of their own imaginations and to encourage them to pursue their creative potential. Elementary school kids drew monsters and over 100 artist from around the world got to recreatethose in their own style.

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Fashion Photography by TomaasThe fashion photographer known as...

Fashion Photography by Tomaas

The fashion photographer known as Tomaas creates lush visually extravagant photos.  In addition to fashion magazines his work has also been shown in galleries.  Originally from Germany, he has also spend time in New York and currently resides in Paris.  See more work by Tomaas on his Instagram.

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nonconcept: House in Guimares, Portugal by Elisabete de...


House in Guimares, Portugal by Elisabete de Oliveira Saldanha. (Photography: Fernando Guerra)

Excellent Realistic Painting from Adele RenaultAdele Renault...

Excellent Realistic Painting from Adele Renault

Adele Renault (1988) is a painter, who does realistic portraits of overlooked subject matter, working in scale from intimate canvasses to wall-sized murals.In 2009 Renault initiated her collaboration with artist Niels Shoe Meulman. They now travel the world together, creating large scale murals, where she adds a host of site-specific birds and animals to his iconic word-images. Together the duo also run Unruly Gallery in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, where they are based.
Renault is fascinated by the inconspicuous beauty of every day objects and subjects. She observes closely those and that not considered worthy of a second look.  She paints portraits of faces, the elderly, the homeless and pigeons in a realistic style. Her subjects are pictured as photographed, yet are then isolated from their context, enlarged and flooded in sunlight. She captures moments and expressions full of stories and meaning. Suddenly a scruffy pigeon and a woman in the last days of her life emanate a quiet grace and irresistible force of life.

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This Old Cabinet Contained an Incredible Surprise (13 pics)

Although this looked like an ordinary cupboard, when this dude dug a little deeper he found some fascinating artifacts left over from the civil war.

At fist glance, everything seems normal.

But, when looking at the drawers, it seems strange that the middle divider isn’t connected on top or bottom.

So, he pulled the drawers out.

Then he pulled on the middle divider.

To his surprise, there was a secret compartment hiding behind the drawers.

The first item that he pulled out was this metal device. After doing a bit of research, it appears to be a shotgun reloading device from the mid 1800s.

The next item found was a pouch of pellets, most likely lead, used as ammunition.

The final item was this black book.

Upon opening, the front page reads, Carlsbad 1859. That is two years before the Civil War. The combination of the three items leads to the belief that this secret stash is directly linked to the Civil War in some way.

The book in fact is a bible. Many collectors would pay a pretty penny for a bible this old that is in such good condition.

All three items are shown here. While it may not seem like much, there’s got to be an interesting story behind it. So, I did some research to see about why these items were stashed in a secret compartment.