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Abandoned Buildings Photographed by Christian RichterChristian...

Abandoned Buildings Photographed by Christian Richter

Christian Richter photographs abandoned buildings throughout Europe. He grew up in the former East Germany. Cristian was 14 when the Berlin Wall came down. As people moved many of the buildings in what had been East Germany fell into disuse and began to crumble. These and other abandoned buildings in Europe are what Christian now photographs. 

  • Read an interview with Christian Richter on the BBC.  
  • Buy prints of Christian Richter’s work on Society6.

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Gareth Halliday Collage Art Gareth Halliday aka @mozzplast is...

Gareth Halliday Collage Art

Gareth Halliday aka @mozzplast is an emerging British collage artist.

His unorthodox career has taken an intriguing path since he graduated from the University of Northampton in 2000 with a degree in Visual Arts. After losing faith in the commercial art community the artist removed his work from the public eye and began working as a full-time postman, dabbling with the idea of developing personal projects on the side. It wasn’t until 2009 and years of reoccurring nightmares of arriving at his own exhibition to find nothing but one, lonely second-class postage stamp on display that Halliday decided to pursue creating art again. 

Talking about his work, Halliday denotes:

My work tries to capture and handle the mediated depictions of reality that are thrown at us from the mass media. Through the process of collecting and reassembling found and forgotten images I hope to create new compositions which are often subjective, as my own interpretations of the world around me.  via

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turecepcja: Gif Artist: kanahebi


Gif Artist: kanahebi

Dive With Us Into The Work of Canadian Illustrator Paul...

Dive With Us Into The Work of Canadian Illustrator Paul Jackson

Paul Jackson is an artist based out of Toronto, Canada. He started his artistic career dabbling in the occasional album artwork gig (working with the likes of Soundgarden and Prodigy), but reverted to his lifelong passion of drawing after leaving university. His passion was obviously not in vain - his work is one of a kind, blending anatomy with animals and creating a slew of life-like characters that show the depth and intensity of his skill.

If you are a fan, like we are, you’ll give his shop a peek and tell your friends!

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Illustrations by Aljona KoshkardA l instagram

Illustrations by Aljona Koshkar

dA l instagram

jsarloutte: Think about an art gift for christmas! 200 euros...


Think about an art gift for christmas!

200 euros the heart ( 18x12 cm ), I made ordering so you can choose your colors ;)