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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Only They Pronounce My Name by Calmality

Only They Pronounce My Name  by  Calmality

Tattoo Artist & Illustrator: Maria Björnbom-Öberg Maria...

Tattoo Artist & Illustrator: Maria Björnbom-Öberg Maria Björnbom Öberg (@bokkei)  is a very talented artist from Östersund. I’m a tattoo artist and freelance artist born in 1985 and located in Sweden. I mostly do portraits and often incorporate other elements to add a story to it. I have been drawing and painting as long as I could remember. I like to build up the colour from light to darker with many layers, if you are relatively quick you can blend the colours together nice or get a really nice smooth surface.  via Her Youtube  and shop. Connect to more passionate artwork on our Facebook page posted by Margaret

Illustrations by Nicolas Delortwebsite l tumblr l shop

Illustrations by Nicolas Delort website l tumblr l shop

Illustrations by Angela Rizza  dA l tumblr l shop 

Illustrations by Angela Rizza   dA l tumblr l shop  

Surrealistic Drawings by Dan HillierDan Hillier born Oxford in...

Surrealistic Drawings by Dan Hillier Dan Hillier born Oxford in 1973 is a professional artist based in Stoke Newington, England. He produces his own pictures as well as making commissioned artworks for various clients including Neil Gaiman. Most of his work is made from collaging found Victoriana with his own ink drawing, as well as producing original ink drawings using dip-nib pen and ink. Dan is acclaimed for his black line engravings that embody the steampunk aesthetic, combining Victorian sensibilities with a fascination for animal attributes. Spice up your timeline by following us on Facebook ! posted by Margaret

SkitchenKickflip and nosegrind between the pan and the olive...

Skitchen Kickflip and nosegrind between the pan and the olive oil. The secret sporting life of our friends the fruits and vegetables. CROSS CONNECT MAG | Posted by Chaz McIntyre

nonconcept: Custom BMW R100 Boxer by Cafe Racer Dreams (CRD).

nonconcept : Custom BMW R100 Boxer by Cafe Racer Dreams ( CRD ).

Vibrant Art by Rlong WangChinese artist Rlong Wang creates vivid...

Vibrant Art by Rlong Wang Chinese artist Rlong Wang creates vivid art that bursts off the page.  His intricate work is full of mythic creatures and mythology.  See more of his work on .  Thanks to ! For artwork that can’t be contained visit our Facebook Page .  Posted by Lisa .