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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

nonconcept: Ecocapsule by NICE Architects. Dwelling with the...

nonconcept : Ecocapsule by NICE Architects . Dwelling with the spirit of freedom.

Street Artist: David “MEGGS” Hooke David “MEGGS” Hooke is one...

Street Artist: David “MEGGS” Hooke David “MEGGS” Hooke   is one of Australia’s most progressive and committed street and fine artists. MEGGS is recognized for his unique, expressive, and energetic style with references to pop-culture, the natural world, and socio-cultural issues.  His technical use of color and movement combines clean, bold, illustrative elements with intuitive, textural, and free flowing design. David life manifesto is that the ‘ journey is the reward’ and his work reflects his eternal search for balance. You can read more about the upcoming solo exhibition of the artist at HiFructose . Art is the only way to run away without leaving home - run with us . posted by Margaret

Illustrations by Little oil tumblr l behance l instagram

Illustrations by  Little oil tumblr l behance l instagram

Dreaming of Swedish Forests - Art by Susanna SundmanParis based...

Dreaming of Swedish Forests - Art by Susanna Sundman Paris based artist artist Susanna Sundman is self taught.  Originally from Sweden, her work is light and airy, full of forest spirits and creatures.   In June of 2015 Susanna had an exhibit entitled “Whispers of Nature” which perfectly describes her work.  Thanks to Milk Magazine . More art than you ever dreamed of on our Facebook Page .  Posted by Lisa .

crossconnectmag: Everyday Creations - Vanessa McKeown Combining...

crossconnectmag : Everyday Creations -  Vanessa McKeown Combining household items with an insatiable appetite for innovative creation, Vannessa McKeown gives birth to a world filled with sprinkle-filled sprayers, candy filled toothpaste and sugar-free pineapples. Enjoy! Follow us on Tumblr  for more updates! Posted by Chaz

The Illustrations and Animations of Bharat ChauhanBharat Chauhan...

The Illustrations and Animations of Bharat Chauhan Bharat Chauhan is an animator based in New Delhi, India. He is 25 years old, and has been working for a little over 3 years. Until recently, most of his work had been limited to 2D motion graphics, but he’s been slowly moving into doing 3D work. He likes working in a low-poly style. Even though he tends to explore some different styles every now and then, he always ends up coming back to a simplified, almost minimalist approach. For about 3 months he created a new GIF or piece of illustration for five days each week. He’s been on a month long break from it and is looking forward to getting back to it very soon. Besides animation, film is a medium that he continues to explore. He has worked on a few independent shorts, music videos and documentaries. Find his work on Tumblr as steamlog ​ . Posted by Philip Follow Cross Connect on Instagram

The Trippy Architectural Designs of William ChyrWilliam Chyr is...

The Trippy Architectural Designs of William Chyr William Chyr is an independent game developer and installation artist based in Chicago. He is currently working on Manifold Garden , a game about re-imagining physics, geometry, and architecture. Before working on Manifold Garden, he was an installation artist, and created large-scale installations using balloons . He also briefly worked in Italy at a linear accelerator lab when he was a student in college. Find more screenshots of Chyr’s game on Tumblr at manifoldgarden . Posted by Philip ‘Like’ Cross Connect on Facebook

really-shit: Ouch (h/t Top of Reddit)

really-shit : Ouch (h/t Top of Reddit )

The 69 Rules of Punctuation

The 69 Rules of Punctuation